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Problem Opening my DVD Burner

  Gummomarx 01:35 07 Aug 2015

I have to press my PC's DVD drive button twice to get it to open.

Any ideas, comrades?

  northumbria61 10:05 07 Aug 2015

Could just be slow to open. If it fails they are easily and cheaply replaced.

  hastelloy 10:11 07 Aug 2015

I had the same problem some time ago. I now keep a disc in it permanently and it opens first time.

  bumpkin 10:48 07 Aug 2015

A lot of them have a tiny hole in the front where you can poke a paper clip to manualy open it.

  bumpkin 10:51 07 Aug 2015

Sorry I missread your post, i thought it was stuck shut, ignore above.

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