Problem OE and inserting a picture.

  ribo 17:07 05 Aug 2003

Hello, Can anyone help me please with this puzzle.
When My friend send me en email with a picture INSERTED (not attached) I cannot view it. I get a white square with a red X in it. When I send one to myself,all is well.

When I send one to him, all is well. When he sends one to himself,all is well.

Only a problem when he send one to me.Again I stress that is is only when he inserts the picture. An attachment is ok.
We are both using XP Home edition. Outlook express and IE. We both have Norton AV and a Norton firewall.
We have checked in the "Mail sendind format" and HTLM is checked also "put picture in message" is also checked.
We have both emptied out Temporay internet files and cookies folder. This has us both puzzled although you will agree not a major issue. Thanks in advance. J

  ribo 17:59 05 Aug 2003


  ribo 19:07 05 Aug 2003

Forgot to mention- these are Jpeg images.
Any help greatly appreciated. J

  peterpan 19:55 05 Aug 2003

I may be clutching at straws here but, try inserting picture into M.word and then copy-paste to E-mail???????????

  ribo 21:13 05 Aug 2003

Thank you Peterpan for your thoughts on my problem. Perhaps I did not manage to make thproblem clear. I can manage to send an email with the image inserted and the recipient can view it. I can send myself an email with an image inserted and I can view it. What I cannot do is view an image in an email which has been sent to me by my friend who again can send an email to himself and he can view the image. Just a bit complicated I must admit. Thanks anyway. J

  ribo 10:17 06 Aug 2003

I will mark this as resolved, even though it is not.I am not complaining as I have had a lot of help in the past, and as they say "you can't win 'em all. Thanks anyway. J

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