Problem with Norton System Doctor and desktop

  SHUNNA 10:44 17 Nov 2003

While familiarising myself with Norton System Works, I checked what I thought was Dock, in the View menu of Norton System Doctor. The sensor information moved to the top of the desktop. Not sure what I did next,but all doctor info disappeared. Could be autohide? Help does not explain how to deselect autohide. I now have windows that do not fill the whole screen. Everything has moved down approx one inch, including icons on desktop.
I am running WinXP Pro, can anyone help me get my desktop back to normal?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:48 17 Nov 2003

Often restarting in safe mode (f8 at startup) and then restarting as normal afterwards will solve such problem...

  SHUNNA 14:14 17 Nov 2003

Thanks Diodorus but that didn`t fix it, has anyone else got any ideas?

  MichelleC 14:25 17 Nov 2003

Can't you use restore utility in xp to revert to before?

  dessi 14:40 17 Nov 2003

Just a thought, could you not use your desktop monitor menu buttons -, +, to readjust the screen size if available vaguely remember having a similar screen problem and did the above.

  dessi 15:05 17 Nov 2003

Sorry Diodorus for a moment i lost concentration and replied to you instead of SHAUNNA :(

  SHUNNA 17:30 17 Nov 2003

Re-installed NSW, as Anti Virus section developed a problem, and all is back to normal.

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