problem with norton security update

  sunny staines 20:03 07 Apr 2005

Earlier today check live update for my norton products and there was a symantec security update.

I downloaded this and needed a restart.
Then problems several restarts and a failed system restore but managed to get conected to internet.
still struggling to get outlook working.

anyone else having similar problems.

  Lettervanman 20:58 07 Apr 2005

Having read your post I then updated Norton. I should have known better,I have the same problem as you! This is the same thing that happened some while ago with a large download and update.
Normal updates have installed since the last cock up with no problems! When I downloaded it said one update had failed so I restarted and all was o.k. with e-mail. Foolishly,I downloaded again and this time it installed o.k. but when I restarted no e-mail but internet o.k.
I is caused by their own update and is not your fault,I will try to recall what they told me to do last time when I e-mailed them having had to system restore to get it to work. You will find if you restore XP firewall and switch off Norton
your Outlook will work,thus proving my point.
I will post if I get it sorted!!

  sunny staines 21:11 07 Apr 2005

I had similar problem with a update in january this year. To solve the prolem it was a reinstall of NIS2005. I am not too keen to do this unless a last resort as norton now limit the times you can reinstall.
I searched MS Knoweledgebase can't remember the link to enter but it was a registry fix I did followed the instructions but it did not help.
also took out norton protection on the emails this too did not help.

[THE Registry fix offerd was
regedit goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\office\outlook
then new on edit menu click DWORD type UseInetcommCS
click Modify add value in DATABOX of 1 click OK]

  Lettervanman 21:34 07 Apr 2005

click here
This is what I had to do last time,and I have just gone through the process again and it has worked.
I am P****d off that they seem to have made the same cock up again. This will please the Norton knockers,and you have to agree with them!!

  dogbreath1 21:48 07 Apr 2005

Norton is poo. A good AV should keep your machine virus free, be trouble free and, yes, be free! It's bloated, a king of resource hogs and prone to tantrums like the ones you have experienced. And Symantec still have the nerve to charge us for the privelege! I use Avast. But then there's AVG and a free Nod Beta (which I'd trust more that NAV). Do yourselves a favour, ditch it, save some hard earned, install a good freebie AV and enjoy your p.c.s again!

  Lettervanman 22:07 07 Apr 2005

Ha! Ha! I knew it wouldn't take long!

I don't find it slows things up at all,but agree with the tantrums. However It has stopped attacks dead in their tracks, and just like computers is fine when it is working o.k.

I have thought about getting rid,but wonder if it would be more trouble to remove it!

Bed for me now,early start!

  sunny staines 08:13 08 Apr 2005


Used your link, followed the manual version. after a restart of the pc and unplugging the moden for a minute all is up and running ok.

I will keep this link for the next security update

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