Problem with new PC

  WiLL-A 18:33 28 Jan 2004

Received new Acer Aspire G510 last week. Came supplied with Win XP Home preinstalled.

I uninstalled this completely and installed Win XP Pro SP1 OEM.

Reinstalled all drivers for all devices by downloading these from the Acer website and burning them to CD.

The problem I have now is that the onboard C-Media AC'97 audio isnt working. Under device manager the device is listed with an exclamation mark next to it. When I install the driver I get the following error message - This device cannot start [Code 10].

I have uninstalled the device and reinstalled. Downloaded a different driver from the C-Mdeia website. Neither of these worked. I started to get qiuite peeved off and thinking that there might have been a problem with the installation, refomatted and reinstalled XP Pro. The first thing i did was install the audio driver, but same problem and same error mesage.

Also tried using the trouble shooter buy no luck.

  Kitz E Kat 18:51 28 Jan 2004

You say XP pro SP1 OEM ? The OEM bit tells me that the disk is for a specific computer?

Mabye not the one your putting it on?

  MichelleC 18:54 28 Jan 2004

XP and w2k still have this driver issue. I had onboard audio driver prob on w2k and it took about 5 reinstalls before it took. I tried navigating to reinstall via M$, plus 'look for other similar drivers' etc. (I also updated chipset driver but this may not apply here).

  Gongoozler 19:00 28 Jan 2004

Onboard AC'97 sound is often problematic. You would probably do better to disable it in BIOS and get a cheap (or, even better, a good) pci sound card.

  Terry Brown 19:58 28 Jan 2004

Open control panel, Add / remove progams, remove Sis (Audio Driver). The driver updates for Audio (Especially Microsoft) often make things worse. The other option is to go to device manager, uninstall all audio devices, and restart your system. The XP software will then select the correct settings and re-install the audio software for you.

  DieSse 23:13 28 Jan 2004

"The OEM bit tells me that the disk is for a specific computer?"

No it doesn't. OEM CDs are the standard CDs used by all small system builders. If you buy an OEM version, you get the CD and booklet, for installing on a new or upgraded system.

  DieSse 23:16 28 Jan 2004

You've probaly not got the correct driver from the Acer site. Most motherboards these days come with integrated sound, and the drivers are always on the motherboard CD - and always (in my experience) work.

So recheck that you've got the correct driver from Acer (not anywhere else). If you want to post the exact motherboard model, probably someone will help confirm the driver for you.

  smegs 00:49 29 Jan 2004

I might be daft here, but WHY did you download the drivers from the web site? Haven't you got the MOBO Drivers? Can't you use them?

  WiLL-A 20:09 31 Jan 2004

The CD that came supplied with the machine isnt accessible itself. It lets you create a set of 3 restore disks.

I didnt want to do this as i would never use them since I want to use Win XP Pro and not Home edition.

I definitely downloaded the correct drivers as I specififed my machine model on the Acer web site and it listed the drivers for my machine.

Thanks for the replies but I gave up in the end as even Acer technical support couldnt help without actually collecting the PC which I couldnt be bothered with.

In the end I ordered a PCI sound card which uses more or less the same sound chip for about £5 of Aria while ordering some other stuff.

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