Problem with new motherboard

  bemuzed 21:09 23 Sep 2005

I recently put a MSI K8M Neo-5 motherboard inot my PC with a Athlon 2600+. I formatted mt C drive and reloaded Win Me. It seems fine until I load the VIA K8M800 VGA Drivers. Before loading them I loaded teh driver for my TFT. When I loaded MBO drivers for on board VGA the PC would not reboot. Specificially if#t fros#ze at the point where I think it loads the screen. I have sincer reformatted drive C and reloaded Win Me. Any ideas of what I should do before trying the drivers again?

not sure what to do but on mine I had to load chipset drivers first otherwise it screws the system

  bemuzed 21:36 23 Sep 2005

I just tried again and as after I reloaded teh MBO VGA drivers the PC restarts and freezes during restarting as it did before. Why is this happening to me????

is this onboard graphics if so is the bios set correct?

  bemuzed 21:45 23 Sep 2005

it is onboard. What should I look for in BIOS?

  bemuzed 21:51 23 Sep 2005

The PC get parts way throught eh booting sequence that just stops with amulticocloured line att eh top of the screed. IN safe mode the screen display 64x480

sorry a bit beyond me I was hoping one of the clever so & so's would jump in

  bemuzed 22:37 23 Sep 2005

I inserted a separate graphics card and tried to get that working. It still freezes but at least with a cursor on teh screen. I am now going to try and reload Win Mea gain, then not load MBO driver just card. If that does not work I'll throw PC out of window and set fire to it.

  wossie 22:46 23 Sep 2005

Load Win ME, install chipset drivers and all drivers on CD including Graphics driver (are there two drivers on CD), no point loading monitor driver before Graphics driver. Is your Ram compatible with MoBo, ram can cause strange problems. Is ram and graphics card seated correctly, and is graphics card OK. Enjoy, Wossie.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:49 23 Sep 2005

In safe mode delete all drivers for display

Load motherboard drivers first don't bother with Via vga,then load TFT drivers.

Next load modem drivers and any other drivers for your devices.

  PC Bilbo 22:55 23 Sep 2005

Assuming you have an up to date BIOS and graphics drivers, least problems for clean install is to load mobo drivers first then Direct X and then your graphics driver in that order.

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