Problem with a new HP 7510 OfficeJet Printer

  recurve132 10:48 12 Sep 2015

I've just installed a brand new HP 7510 printer and it will print all but PDF documents. Can you advise how I configure it to print PDFs please? It's a wireless connection and all indications are everything is fine, from solid stable connection, perfect 'test' reports from the printer etc. but still no luck. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, turned off my router/printer in different orders to reboot etc. but to no avail.

thank you

  compumac 11:11 12 Sep 2015

When you come to print, does the screen show the HP 7510 as the printer?

  alanrwood 12:42 13 Sep 2015

The printer does not care what type of document it is asked to print. The data is fed to it by the computer via the printer driver. Do you have a pdf program installed ie Adobe PDF Reader, Sumatra PDF or similar. Are you sure you are selecting the HP Printer when you try to print.

  recurve132 16:02 14 Sep 2015

When I come to print a PDF the only printer available is 'HP OfficeJet Series 7510 (Network)'. It also states 'Device app not installed'. When I press print the printer advises 'printing' and remains this way forever without ever actually printing.

  alanrwood 18:39 14 Sep 2015

You have not answered my question as to what pdf application do you have installed in order to open the pdf in the first place.

Also HP printers usually have two driver files, one is a simple driver and the other is a full driver which contains all the other software for the printer. Have you installed the full driver

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