Problem with new gaming headset

  xHorizonSwiftx 21:55 19 Sep 2018

I purchased a new gaming headset for my PC today and it has a mic. My PC has 2 headphone ports and 2 microphone ports, but I only have 1 cable so I can either use headphones or microphone. The solution to that would be to get a y-splitter which I can do but there's a problem with that; the FRONT headphone port is really really low quality, sounds like I'm underwater, whereas the BACK headphone port is really really good quality. The BACK microphone port is unable to detect my voice, whereas the FRONT one is. Due to this, I am unable to use a y-splitter as the good headphone output is on the back of the PC and the good microphone input is on the front of the PC and a small cable would never reach. I have checked, my PC is compatible with this and I've never had any problems with headphones in the past. Normally I get headphones WITHOUT a mic and i plug it into the green input on the front but with these gaming headphones the quality on the front is very low quality and unbearable. I was wondering what the problem may be and if there's an easy solution: of course I'd still have to get a y-splitter which I can get.


  xHorizonSwiftx 16:13 22 Sep 2018

Nevermind, I purchased a y-splitter and put the correct cords into my PC. Miraculously it worked.

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