problem with new evesham

  no1ghoul 19:16 22 Sep 2003

before I start this is not A thread bashing evesham merely A request for help.
I received my spanking new evesham evolution 2.8 with A couple of upgrades namely a dvd r/rw and A radeon 9800 pro, I immediately set it up and switched it on and there were no immediate problems (there never are, are there?), I should at this point, point out that I bought this machine for games mostly and so I proceeded to install one of my faves morrowind, no problems installed easilly so I put the game on and was ooohing and aaahhing for about ten mins when suddenly the system rebooted itself, concerned that it might be the fault of the game I installed another of my faves tropico again easy install again ten mins of ooh and ahh and then bang for no apparent reason it reboots itself again so I phone evesham tech support and after a while i speak to someone who suggests I go into msconfig and disable all settings and all startups(with the exeption of windows components) and suggests I try the games again, no luck next he says that he thinks it must be a driver issue and suggests I get the latest catalyst drivers and insure I have directx9 installed done that and still the problem persists.
Also I am using my old pc to post this thread as I can't get my bt broadband modem to install on the evesham machine because the software for the modem keeps telling me that I only have 33Mhz proccesor and apparently no ram but it only tells me this after I have had the old sorry to inconvenience you for shutting down this program pop-up.
Sorry for the length of the post and I appreciate any-1 taking the time out to read it as all suggestions on how to fix these problems will be gratefully received

  powerless 19:21 22 Sep 2003


XP restarts but your loosing valuable information that my reveal the cause.

GO to start, Control Panel, System, Advanced, Settings (third one), remove the tick from "Automatcially Restart", click ok.

Now play your game! ooorr ahhhhh....

Now when it decides to restart, there will be a blue screen write down all info and post it back.

  AMD 4 ever 19:25 22 Sep 2003

Ok I have a few suggestions..:

Re-install dx9, but dowload dx9b version from MS. and try re-installing the graphics driver using the supplied disks. Try and do the following in safe mode if possible.

  no1ghoul 19:32 22 Sep 2003

Ok thanks guys will try both ideas and come back to you

  dfghjkl 20:01 22 Sep 2003

i also dont wish to slag evesham as this could happen to any new pc(not the one i am saving up for,not sure who will get my buisness)but at what point do you stop phoning up at your expense or spend your own time sorting things out (on old pc)is the warranty not for them to sort these things out?iI know you dont want to be sending it back at the drop of a hat.if it was any thing else you would take it back,looking at your spec you must have spent about a grand,and it is not doing the job for what you bought it,is this not covered on onsite warranty?i am sure you will get it sorted,and very soon i hope,but stories like this make me wonder wether i should build it myself or go for a shop that i can return to plonk it on the counter and say "fix this".good luck,ps what is morrowind like? i got it free with my graphics card(the elder scrolls III)

  no1ghoul 20:05 22 Sep 2003

no joy from reinstalling driver from disc or installing directx9b.
Powerless I did get A blue screen which told me it was shutting windows down to protect the pc also had these messages;


npfs.SYS-address F7BBBADC base at F7BB6000,datestamp3b7d837b.
any ideas???

  no1ghoul 20:09 22 Sep 2003

This is my first evesham and I bought it because of how well thought of in terms of support so I expect it will get resolved sooner rather than later thanks for your support.

p.s morrowind is the dogs wotsits as far as I am concerned I liked it so much I bought both expansion packs to go with it

  Steven135 20:22 22 Sep 2003

Have you looked at what CPU and memory are reported?

When I got my new Evesham Axis 3000+ it was wrongly configured in the BIOS only reporting a 1.33 CPU memory settings were also wrong.

Might also be worth checking that nothing has worked loose in transit (not a likely cause I know).

I would e-mail Evesham using the address on this group and have them come out and sort it.

  Steven135 20:23 22 Sep 2003

PS: they did come out and fix mine very quickly.

  no1ghoul 20:27 22 Sep 2003

have taken a peek inside and everything seems to be seated properly, havent yet checked the bios tho a bit unsure in that area.
by the way it's good to know that they were quick to fix yours and I hope your enjoying your computing.

  Steven135 21:33 22 Sep 2003

Haven't had any problems (that I didn't cause) since getting the PC up and running its an excellent machine as your will be.

If you right click on the my conputer icon you can see if your CPU is correctly set.

This is only to elimnate the possibilty it may just be the modem playing up.

You could use your restore disks if all else fails.

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