Problem with new Belkin router

  brewersfan 19:58 04 Nov 2003


We have bought a Belkin Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway router with the intention of having wireless internet access.

We already have Blueyonder broadband and a Webstar DPX Cable USB modem, which is linked to a pc via usb ports, from which a second pc accesses the internet via an ethernet connection from the first pc. As there is an ethernet port on the modem, we thought we'd be able to use an ethernet cable to connect to the router (as it only has ethernet ports). No joy. In fact, if we connect the Webstar modem straight to any pc, it doesn't see an internet connection there either. What have we overlooked please?

Eventually there will be a laptop on this configuration, but not if we can't get any further!


ps... os = xp pro

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