Problem with the new Avast version 5

  Cymro. 12:04 10 Feb 2010

I have tried to download and install the new version of Avast. I chose the option of installing it on top of the older version that I already had on my computer as I was instructed to do on the Avast site.

After several attempts I eventually seemed to have got it downloaded and installed but could not get the program to actually start up. I have removed it via my Add Remove Programs and tried again but still no luck as I can`t get it to start after I have installed it.

I have now removed it again thinking of making another attempt at a clean install of it. So I have no anti virus at the moment but would rather like the Avast one back new or old version I don`t mind.

Any suggestions where do I go from here? Should I still try to get the new Avast version 5 to install and start or just try to find a site where I could download the old version assuming that is still available.

  birdface 12:06 10 Feb 2010

maybe run this and try and reinstall again.

click here

  Cymro. 12:25 10 Feb 2010

I have uninsulated Avast as you suggested the only problem was that the prog. you suggested only listed Avast 4 and the last Avast I installed and then deleted was Avast5.

I will now go on to find another Avast 4 or 5 and see how I now get on with it.

  provider 2 12:27 10 Feb 2010

You`re not alone in having problems with Avast 5: click here

There was some confirmation that completely uninstalling v 4.8 (see buteman`s link) and starting again from scratch would resolve the problems, but that doesn`t seem to work in every case.

I think it might be best to unistall v.5 (already done?) and install v. 4.8 from filehippo, register from within the program and try to ignore the green slider advising you of the upgrade availability.

Hopefully, these problems will be sorted before too long.

  Cymro. 12:28 10 Feb 2010

I see what you mean, it seems I rather jumped the gun and should have waited for Avast to sort their act out better. I only downloaded it because I came across it on the site.

  Cymro. 13:03 10 Feb 2010

I cleared all traces of the old Avast4+5 I had with the prog. recommended by buteman and then tried to download the original Avast4 that I had to start with. I am positive that I clicked to download the old Avast4 but for some strange reason I have ended up with Avast5. Still never mind it seems to work alright this time and only have to re-register.

Thanks for your help all. As you suggest provider 2 Avast still have some work to do on this one and perhaps I was too eager to download something that was not in fact ready for general use. This is where I got the info. about Avast5
click here
I am a little surprised that the item on this site did not warn of possible problems with Avast5.

  provider 2 13:23 10 Feb 2010

I think it`s a case (not unusually) where a lot of users have no problem with the upgrade and it`s running quite happily.

Unfortunately, they tend not to say very much and it`s the ones who have problems who turn up on the forum asking for help.

The consequence is you look at those and say, "Oh good grief, I`m not touching that with a barge pole!"

Even so, I was hoping that with the repeated postponing of the release from beta, things like this would be fixed, but that statement from Alwil that the facility to upgrade from within the program would not be available for a couple of months yet, didn`t sound too good.

Still, v.4.8 is still running mostly problem free and I understand some files from V.5 will already have arrived in the updates ... this morning`s one took a whopping 5 mins on my system but whether or not that was just database updates or something else as well, I don`t know yet.

  T0SH 13:44 10 Feb 2010

Not sure if it has changed now but on the 21/01/10 when I first heard about Avast 5, I downloaded it and registered for the free version only to find when the licence code was sent to me it was for Avast free version 4 under

is an extract from the email with a new licence code for version 4 which I got from Avast on the 28/01/10

"Please note that under the license conditions avast! 4 Home Edition is for home, personal and non-commercial use only"

A friend who went through the same process is still waiting for a response from Avast

Cheers HC

  provider 2 14:19 10 Feb 2010

I understand it was intended that the licence users have for v4.8 can be used for v.5 without any problem.

  folsom 15:18 10 Feb 2010

I have upgraded to Avast 5 on both my desktop and my daughters laptop with no problems whatsoever.

  Al94 16:11 10 Feb 2010

I had loads of problems with first release of Avast 5 and went back to 4.8 however the latest version 396 works perfectly and can be downloaded here click here

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