Problem networking 2 PCs

  Morphy 09:18 13 Dec 2004

I am trying to network my desktop to my laptop, problem is, on my laptop I cant see my desktop, and on my desktop I can see may laptop, but its unaccessible.

I cant figure out where I am going wrong.

I've got the gateway setup as, subnet mask as and IPs as and .2 on the desktop and laptop respectively. Its via a hub BTW.

The desktops running on WinXP and laptop is Win98SE. Any ideas?

  hillybilly 09:37 13 Dec 2004

You have the wrong address for the gateway, but even so first of all have you run the XP network wizard to setup a network?

  Morphy 09:41 13 Dec 2004

I ran the network setup wizard already, all that did was setup the workgroup name, coulda done that anyway...blah blah

So what should the gateway address be then?

  hillybilly 09:45 13 Dec 2004

Sorry I mis-read your first post, so I'm still not clear where your psobs are. Can you tell me what you mean by "BTW" also if you ran the wizard correctly it would have setup all the IP addresses for you not just the workgroup.

  Morphy 09:50 13 Dec 2004

BTW=by the way...

I ran the wizard on both machines, but it didnt setup any IP addresses...??? It seemed to be geared towards a domain network or one with 3 machines minimum? Im normally OK with this kind of stuff but this one has me stumped...

  Morphy 09:56 13 Dec 2004

Sorry, re-reading my last post, maybe bit confusing, the wizard setup the IP addresses to autodetect, and no gateway, with this setting the PCs couldnt see each other at all, it was only when I manually configured the settings as above that I got as far as I have...

  hillybilly 09:57 13 Dec 2004

Right well if I do it manually this is what I check for:

1. IP's as you have.

2. Both in same workgroup.

3. Firewall turned off on the XP machine and the 98 pc if it has one.

4. Make sure both c:\ drives have been shared.

5. You can log on to either pc with the same user name.

  hillybilly 10:01 13 Dec 2004

Just read your last post, maybe the reason when you used the wiz was because of firewals. To be truthful if you only have 2 PC's and are not internet connection sharing etc. just trying to share printers and files then you don't need a gateway.

  Morphy 10:04 13 Dec 2004

Yup, done all that, the only difference is I have folders shared on the C: drives rather than the whole drive,that shouldnt make a difference tho surely?

  Morphy 10:09 13 Dec 2004

Maybe I should try turning the gateway off then??? I turned the firewall off when I manually configured but I gotta a feeling it may have been on when I ran the wizard??

Will try those 2 ideas when I get home tonight...

If anyone else has got ideas keep em coming (just in case!!)

  hillybilly 10:09 13 Dec 2004

..."that shouldnt make a difference tho surely?"

Can't disagree with that!

When you say unaccessible, I presume you get the message "Access Denied etc."

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