Problem with nero and vcd

  reddwarfcrew 21:03 02 Jun 2003


I've just created a VCD using nero 5.5.10 and an avi file.

It took a while to encode the avi and the wrote to disc very quickly.

However, the resulting picture is upside down and back to front. The sound is fine though, but I found the blood was rushing to my head too much whilst doing the hand stand to watch it.

any ideas? (I've successfully written mpg to vcd).

  wawadave 21:19 02 Jun 2003

try this link
click here click here

  reddwarfcrew 22:12 02 Jun 2003

I've tried dvdrhelp before, but the results weren't that great.

Nero has the functionality, but why the back to front upside down result?

  The Sack 23:23 02 Jun 2003

you could try using TMPGEnc to encode from AVI to VCD.
1. Start TMPGEnc
2. Load in your AVI file by pressing the browse button next to the "Video Source".
3. Once loaded in, the Audio Source should be the same.
4. Click the "LOAD" button and select "VCD (PAL)" template.
5. Click "Settings" and then select your preferred"Motion Search Speed" (The Higher The Better).
6. Click the "Advanced" Tab and select the Aspect ratio of your AVI file (Usually 1:1).
7. Click OK and then START.
hope this helps

  reddwarfcrew 17:59 03 Jun 2003

I tried easy cd V6 and it came out the right way up etc, but this time with now sound.

So I decided to go back to TMPGEnc, but I'm now getting the message:

write error occured at address 77F83AED of module ntdll.dll with 00000000

any ideas?

  -pops- 18:41 03 Jun 2003

Have a look in the Nero Manual click here

Scroll down to the Manual, not the Quick Start Guide.


  reddwarfcrew 20:43 03 Jun 2003

I thought the help in Nero was pretty poor, but hadn't found a manual.

I've had a look thru and the only thing I could find was that for SVCD you need a plugin, but I'm doing VCD and I couldn't find any plugins on the nero site?

Is the answer in the manual? If so can you give me a nudge in the right direction?

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