Problem with MyHeritage Infiltration

  StupidCupid 19:08 24 Jan 2010

Could any kind person help me to get rid of an annoying problem.
I downloaded MyHeritage software to build my family tree which was OK so far but then I could see that it was going to get quite expensive and invasive as well, so I got rid of it or so I thought.
It still lingers on if I do a search. I got rid of some cookies but it still persists.
How can I completely eliminate it?
Thanks in advance

  johnnyrocker 20:24 24 Jan 2010

try revo uninstaller?


  StupidCupid 13:25 25 Jan 2010

Thanks but I downloaded Revo but I had already got rid of the main program etc. It's just that they have embedded something in the address bar on firefox which keeps referring everything to MyHeritage

  The Kestrel 13:29 25 Jan 2010

When you uninstalled with Revo, after the normal uninstall did you follow up by clicking the next button on Revo to remove any other traces in your registry?

  StupidCupid 13:32 25 Jan 2010

I didn't uninstall with revo . I had already uninstalled it the usual way with windows uninstaller.

  Sea Urchin 14:01 25 Jan 2010

Probably your best course of action would be to download the program again - and then use Revo to thoroughly uninstall it.

  StupidCupid 18:03 25 Jan 2010

I've tried that but I can't find the program in the revo list. I think I've uninstalled some of my wifes' geealogical stuff in error now. This is getting worse.

  StupidCupid 18:56 26 Jan 2010

Actually I've solved this problem by searching for and finding another forum. Sorry can't remember exactly which one. A Mozilla one I think.
Please check this out thoroughly before embarking on it cos you may do more harm than good!!!!!!
However I've got rid of it thank goodness. It's like a virus in your computer.

You have to type about:config in location bar press enter to display list.
Type MyHeritage in the Filter bar. rt. click and then left click on"reset"
Type in the pop up "My Heritage":http//click here= and press OK. Restart Firefox

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