Problem with my Wireless G USB network adaptor

  Quirkafleeg 16:24 31 Aug 2006


Apologies if a similar problem has been solved before, but I'm rather new at networking.

Last week, I purchased a Belkin wireless G router, and the associated USB network adaptor, from staples.
Having followed all the quick start instructions, everything seems to be working, as the PC im trying to network on recognises that there is a wireless signal, and even picks up the signal from other networks, but I cannot connect to the internet.

Ive rung Belkin technical help, which wasn't the most rewarding thing in the world, and after hal an hour they have told me to contact the PC vendor who will re-install a "PCP/IP stack".

Sorry to be thick, but can someone tell me what this is, and how I can get it working on a four year old PC?

Thanks in advance

  FelixTCat 16:31 31 Aug 2006


Will you please give us more information on your setup.

What operating system is your pc using? Can you connect it to the router by ethernet cable (it is easier to set up that way)?

Do you have broadband internet?

Is it an adsl wireless modem router?

Do you have microfilters fitted at every phone outlet?



  Quirkafleeg 16:32 31 Aug 2006

Should point out that windows firewall is off on the machine in question

  Quirkafleeg 16:35 31 Aug 2006


Running Windows XP.

Can't connect it by ethernet, its upstairs away from the modem.

I have Blueyonder cable internet.

Its just a router - cable from modem into router then into PC. Works fine and dandy on the PC I am posting from.

Im afraid I have no idea what a microfilter is.

Apologies, but the chap at Staples said you just plug them in and they work!

  FelixTCat 16:46 31 Aug 2006


You don't need microfilters with cable internet, only adsl.

Make sure that you have enabled wireless in the Belkin and change the SSID (the identifying name of the wireless network) to a name you will easily recognise as yours. Is the DHCP server in the cable modem enabled? Have you enabled the DHCP server in the router?

Go to the pc with the wireless adapter. Are you using Windows to manage your wireless connection or the software that came with the adapter?

Search for wireless networks and identify yours. Click on it and try to connect.

Is there a wireless network icon in the taskbar? If so, double-click on it and click Support. What is the Default Gateway address?



  Quirkafleeg 18:45 01 Sep 2006

Thanks for getting back to me

Tries all that, and just spent 55 minutes on the phone with someone from Belkin. Does anyone have a revolver they can lend me? I fancy a walk in the woods

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