photo man 22:07 08 Feb 2003

Bit of a baffler here{well it is to me )When I put my smart media card in the card reader it is supposed to go straight to my pictures but it does'nt show up. I have to go into my computer and access it from there .I used to work okay but for some reason it no longer does. Grateful for any info on this.


  Border View 23:30 08 Feb 2003


  lacker 23:50 08 Feb 2003

Not to well up on card readers,or what makes them tick.However in the absence of suggestions from more qualified personages,the only thing I can think of,is to do a system restore back to a point when it did work properly.Only problem is, if you have put a lot of stuff on your machine since then, which you could lose.You are the only person who can judge whether it is worth it or not.

  DieSse 01:05 09 Feb 2003

Have you tried reloading the card reader software?

  Andsome 09:03 09 Feb 2003

If you can access it from 'My Computer', is there any reason why you cannot right click and create a short cut? I must admit that I could be wrong as I don't need a card reader. My camera when plugged and switched on creates another drive, which can then be opened and the pictures viewed or downloaded.

  MAJ 09:12 09 Feb 2003

I find it weird that your pictures would automatically download to a folder without you having to do anything. Any card reader I've used always had to be selected from "My Computer" first???? Maybe I'm just behind times.

  Andsome 09:22 09 Feb 2003

I'm not sure if you were refering to my posting. If so, the photo's do not download automatically. When the camera is plugged in and swithed on it opens up 'Drive G'. When this drive is opened all the photo's in the camera are visible. I then click onto one photo, go to 'edit/select all, and drag them into the folder of my choice. In my case the folder is 'camedia suite', which I have installed. I understand however that with XP at least, ANY folder can be used, eg 'My Pictures', 'My Documents', ets.

  MAJ 09:31 09 Feb 2003

no , mate, I was referring to photo man's orignal post. The way I read it (maybe I'm reading it wrongly) he seems to be saying that as soon as he inserts the SM card into the card reader, the images automatically download to his pictures folder, or at least they used to. My camera (and any card reader I've used) works the same way as yours, Andsome.

  Andsome 10:33 09 Feb 2003

Try connecting the card reader, and check in Windows Explorer to see if it shows up as a drive. If you cannot see it, whilst in Windows explorer disconnect the card reader to see if there is a difference. When I had my new machine a couple of weeks ago, I had difficulty in finding the new drive that I mentioned. I found eventually that instead of opening as drive F, it was now drive G, and no longer had the same little icon. If you can find it is should be easy to create a short cut.

  photo man 12:22 09 Feb 2003

Thanks to all who responded to to this It has now been sussed out .Thanks again.


  photo man 12:22 09 Feb 2003

Thanks to all who responded to to this It has now been sussed out .Thanks again.


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