Problem with my Nvidia Geforece 8800GTX

  Mrburns14 12:29 24 Mar 2010

Hi guys.

I was playing football Manager 2010 when the game was becoming juttery and the game froze and went to a black screen. The game crashed and I got the error message "Video driver nvlddmkm stopped responding".

Now when I go into "device manager" there is a "!" by the name and it says that the device isn't working properly.

I tried to play a game after this and i got the message "failed to lock vertex Buffer in Cmesh DX8:: Lock vertex Buffer".

I googled the error message and it seems to be either a graphics card of problem with the RAM.

I phoned up Mesh and they said that I was out of warrenty so would have to pay a total of 80 pounds for delivery and "inspection charges", and then the additional cost of replacing the graphics card.

This seems pretty steep so I was hoping that you guys could help me figure out how to fix this. If its definitely the graphics card then I can avoid the 80 pound fees and spend that on a new card.

Now I have yellow vertical lines on my screen as well, which despite adding a bit of colour to the screen is really annoying me!

I have tried doing a system restore and "rolling back" the graphics card drivers, which fixed the vertical lines until I tried to play football manager again, and then the same thing happened and the yellow vertical lines came back.

Its definitely not the monitor because my xbox 360 works fine on the screen.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me.



  citadel 12:37 24 Mar 2010

artifacts normally mean card is overheating or fault on the card. asume you alrady installed patches for the games you play.

  retep888 12:58 24 Mar 2010

Have you got the latest version of driver for your gx card?

In XP,type dxdiag in run, in Vista ,dxdiag in search box and go thru' all the tests.

Finally open up the case and see if there is a lot of dust on the gx card cooling fan and stopped it from spinning.

  Mrburns14 13:47 24 Mar 2010

Thanks for the swift replies guys.

I have tried updating to the latest drivers but this hasn't solved the problem. The inside of my computer is really dust free. I make sure to dust it out every few months, and vacuum the fans.

Is there a chance it could be the Ram or is it likely to be the graphics card?

I brought the computer from mesh with a 12 month warranty, but I thought the 8800 GTX had a 3 years manufacturer's warranty?

What do you suggest I try as a next step?

Thanks again.

  birdface 13:54 24 Mar 2010

Probably not your concern but worth a look.

click here

  Mrburns14 14:05 24 Mar 2010

Thought i'd mention that the letters and numbers on the black start up screen that comes on are all scrambled.

  retep888 14:19 24 Mar 2010

You most probably have a non-working card now,you thought the 8800 GTX had a 3 years manufacturer's warranty,you'll have to find out from Mesh though.

Anyway,do you know the make & model of the 8800 GTX? Here are some info from Nvidia click here, you may still have to claim thru' Mesh even it's still under warranty.

  Mrburns14 16:26 24 Mar 2010

The make is Asus Geforce 8800 GTX. I have found out that it does indeed have a 3 year warranty. However I don't know whether that only counts if you buy the card on its own, not as part of a computer from Mesh?

Surely if it has a 3 year's warranty then regardless of whether I brought it as part of a PC package should be irrelevent right?

Can Mesh say that because my warranty with their computer was 1 years RTB parts and labour that the manufacturer's warranty on the Asus card is not valid?

Any ideas?

  alB 17:02 24 Mar 2010

Had you recently updated your card drivers, if so this might throw some light on your problem, click here ...alB

  citadel 18:15 24 Mar 2010

if you could try another card it would help, maybe one of your friends has a card. I always have a spare card after uprading.

  retep888 18:40 24 Mar 2010

This is a bit tricky,even if the card is still under manufacturer's warranty and Mesh only covers your 1st year P&L, the manufacturer will normally ask you to contact thru' Mesh first.

Some extra charge will inevitably incurred ,you'd better make sure with Mesh first.

I think the alternative is testing the card in another machine or a good working card in your Pc to eliminate the possibility of a faulty mobo.

All in all, a new card may be your final choice. :-)

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