problem with my new Pioneer DVR-109 DVD-RW

  square eyes 22:38 29 Apr 2005

Just bought this dvd writer, i flashed it with the correct firmware and was successfull. I can put in an original DVD (film) and played no problem but cant seem to burn or open up a blank dvd.
Without a disc in the drive,"my computer" displays DVD-RW, then i put in a blank maxell DVD-R, after a few seconds it changes to CD-Drive.
If i click this it shouts at me saying "D:/is not accessible Incorrect function"
I cant click on files and "send to" as its not available in the drop down options and my Ahead Nero V5 doesnt seem to have any obvious settings to overcome this.

Any help will be gratefully listened to.


  SANTOS7 23:14 29 Apr 2005

Can't really answer your question but you may want to read click here
start at 3-3.1, maybe before you decide to flash anything else....

  Chegs ® 01:42 30 Apr 2005

My Pioneer A106 did the same,I flashed its firmware to every version I could find online.I updated Nero,I bought new blank media(quality supposedly suited to this drive)but still it refused to work correctly.I bought a new DVD-RW(LG)and stuck the A106 into a linux PC.It has now started working as well as it ever did. :-)

  jack 08:23 30 Apr 2005

Nothing wrong with the Drive, I think you will be pleased to hear.

The problem is Nero 5.5

It does not know about DVD.
For DVD you need Nero 6 or or Nero Reload.
IMHO Nero in going DVD have gone over the edge in complexity and I have dumped it in favour of
a Simple Freeware DVD burner such as

CDBurner XP Pro 3

  square eyes 03:32 01 May 2005

Thanks for your responses.
Thx jack also, couldnt find your program, found amazing cd & dvd burner on zdnet for free, seems to work fine altho took 20 mins to burn 3.5 gig which i thought was a long time but still, as long as i can burn thats all that matters.

thx again

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