Problem with my HP Comapaq laptop

  boz199 00:18 02 May 2010

Hi everyone,

I bought my laptop from ebay 6 months ago. Its a second hand(refurbished) HP Compaq.
The problem is that when I try to turn it on,it just loads for several seconds then a message comes to the screen saying that there has occured some error either with the software or the hardware. On the screen you have the safe mode option but when I click on it, then it just restarts itself and comes to the same problem.
What do you think could be the problem here?
What will happen if I press the restart button on the back of the screen. Also,for some reason I can't go to the BIOS of the system by clicking the F buttons.

Thx everyone for your help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:59 02 May 2010

What operating system?

  wrg 11:21 02 May 2010

Has it just started happening or has it been like this since you purchased it?

  boz199 18:02 02 May 2010

Thx for the prompt response

The operating system is Windows XP .
The laptop was working perfectly fine until 3 days ago when this problem started.

  woodchip 18:36 02 May 2010

For BIOS try tapping F10 as its start8ing up

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:58 02 May 2010

Do you have an XP CD?

  boz199 23:53 02 May 2010

Unfortunetly I don't have an XP disc now, but I'll download the program from somewhere and try to install it.
Meanwhile, I gave the laptop for repairment and they want to charge me 40 paunds. Do you think that this is a reasonable price? I don't so I'll collect it tomorrow and try to fix it myself.

  Strawballs 00:15 03 May 2010

You should be able to borrow a disc and use the product key on the bottom of the Laptop just make sure it is the same edition ie pro or home just make sure it is an OEM edition.

If I remember rightly it is F2 to access Bios on the HP's

  rdave13 00:25 03 May 2010

£40 to fix it is more than reasonable if they save all your data.
Demand the windows key...politely.

  boz199 00:38 03 May 2010

What can I do if it's impossible to enter the BIOS?

  rdave13 00:44 03 May 2010

Pray to your particular God.

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