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  Anon-2282558 10:50 12 Jan 2020

Have been using Gmail for about a year and very pleased. For the past couple of days, when loading the programme, what appears to be a blue filter suddenly fills the working area and nothing works. So I close down and reload and this time it appears to be OK. However, this problem seems to be every time now. I hesitate to reinstall the programme in case I loose all previous messages and contacts list. Can anyone suggest what to do please? Pete

  Anon-2445101 11:47 12 Jan 2020

Gmail is cloud based so you really have no need for an app to open it. Open a browser on your device and search for gmail then log in online. If you are using an app from google store and it's acting up then uninstall it and try a better app.

  Anon-2282558 14:19 12 Jan 2020

Thanks for quick reply that I will follow up. I would mention that my other desktop PC is not having the problem Thanks again.

  Anon-2454651 16:29 13 Jan 2020

You're just talking about the webmail ? Or the Gmail app on Android/iOS ?

  Anon-2282558 16:59 13 Jan 2020

I'm using Gmail on my two desktop machines. Only one is showing the problem. Another oddity has recently occured in that every time I check my emails I now have to sign in although the name and password show as saved, I have to click each in order to log on. This never used to happen. I'm on Win 10. Any ideas?

  Anon-2445101 17:08 13 Jan 2020

If you're using a shortcut on the desktop or a bookmark then delete them. In your browser type and click the gmail link top right. Does the same thing happen?

  Anon-2282558 10:09 16 Jan 2020

Thanks x13. I have tried this and the other suggestions all to no avail. I have discovered one other point. I always use the 'Chrome' programme but I also have the 'Edge' browser but rarely use it, so I tried opening Gmail with it and it all works fine. Am now wondering if 'Chrome' might have a problem although everything else is working fine. Thanks for your interest. Pete.

  Anon-281249 10:23 16 Jan 2020

Just an observation: The "Blue Filter" that you mentioned, sounds like what happens when you "Highlight" something.

I have no idea why, or how, this might happen.

  Anon-2445101 10:29 16 Jan 2020

I don't use Google Chrome browser but it might be worth resetting it to default settings. No 1 here. Extentions can then be added one by one to check for incompatibility.

  Anon-2282558 14:48 19 Jan 2020

Problem solved (I hope), Following suggestion, I reset Chrome and also did an update to it, Naturally a few items had to be then re-set and then restore some extensions and all seems to be working fine now. Fingers crossed!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to offer advice.

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