Problem with my Computer.. Please help! Ideas?!

  meyra17 01:50 18 Jun 2017

Hi guys,

I was travelling with my desktob case computer in luggage on plane but i had fragile tags on the luggage so I don't think they threw my luggage.

When I tried to boot my computer, the first night it worked just fine when gaming and surfing through the internet. The morning I woke up i was on FB and then it froze giving a grey screen so i had to force restart it manually. The screen just goes greyish (dots and squares displayed) and everything (even if music sound is playing) freezes, it can only be forced shut down by switching off the supply. On the other hand, the fan at the back of the case sometimes rotates slower than its usual speed, and does a quiet rustle voice.

I took it to repair shop and after almost a week they told me that this problem occurs randomly (sometimes doesn't, sometimes it does).

Anyways, I had this message from the place earlier, however they also told me they are not 100% sure. "Hi, it is confirmed, GPU is the problem. I checked drivers and they are 100%. Now I get graphics issue in BIOS, so it has to be the card with the issue" And when I rang them, they told me I'd better go and buy a new GPU card for it. At the moment I have gtx 1060 in my mind.. However i have a feeling i might have the same problem even with the new GPU... There could be something wrong even in the RAMs or motherboard... what if i waste money for GPU where the problem might repeat again?

  MLA2000 03:21 18 Jun 2017

These symptoms do seem to be a GPU issue. As a stopgap you can use your PCs integrated graphics (sometimes called an iGPU or APU, if no image appears after following these steps, your PC may not have an iGPU present). If you are comfortable of removing the part yourself, disconnect your PC from its' cables, open the side panel and ground yourself by touching the sides of the metal case, making sure that lose clothing does not make contact with the components.

Locate your GPU, from the back of the PC unscrew and remove any bracket holding the GPU in place. Then from the inside of the case look at the back of the connection between the GPU and motherboard, pull slightly back on any retention mechanism (usually a plastic strip) and then pull the card upwards, trying to avoid the individual components on the GPU board if possible. Note that relying on integrated graphics will severely reduce performance in games and some other applications. Changing to your integrated graphics may temporarily lower your display quality until Windows locates drivers.

Reconnect the PC, connecting your monitor cable to the blue VGA port on the motherboard and boot the computer. You can check your RAM through Windows itself. Press the Windows Key + R, type “mdsched.exe” into the Run dialog that appears, and press Enter, Windows will ask to restart to complete this scan. Motherboard issues are less likely, however you should check the instructions for either your motherboards specific model or from your computer manufacturer if provided, as each motherboard is slightly different. You may also chose to check the health of your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) by using a program such as CrystalDiskInfo to ensure this is healthy. If the symptoms persist, you may need to look at your CPU before ordering a new GPU.

You can save money on a new GPU by buying on the used market. Certain older cards, such as the AMD Radeon HD 5670 are still fairly capable today for their prices, even though they will no longer receive new drivers. When you do replace your GPU, ensure that the wattage of your power supply is sufficient, you can check this with EVGA Power Meter. You should also check if your specific card requires a dedicated power cable, as some power supplies lack these.

  meyra17 03:37 18 Jun 2017

lol very thankful reply however i can confirm i am not doing any of these, as i don't have time and energy to do so :D And tbh I probably wouldn't be able to do most of the stuff you told me, as i am definitely not a PC guy. I'll most likely end up risking for a new GPU card (might as well go for GTX 1060 as mentioned, as im thinking to upgrade other parts in the future anyways) and give it a try. If the problem persists, i might even go for a new motherboard and cpu as the ones i have is 2010 brand anyways. But in the meanwhile my only hope is that with the new GPU, everything will be fixed, bcuz i have projects/businesses which I have to complete my end of this month, and this is only possible by the software tools i have in the computer.

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