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problem with my computer anyone please help me!

  AnnabonD05 16:38 02 Jun 2017

I have an PC with configuration - AMD athlon X64 processor - Asus M2N-MX board - a windows 7 OS

the problem is I had bought this PC from a relative and this thing gets struck in boot logo of windows 7 and somehow I fixed it and now again the same problem for fifth time. and I'm fixing the PC for every 2 weeks and its making me go mad. and whenever I clear all the partitions and install clean windows 7 it gets struck in completing installation. and making me to kick the CPU . Can anyone help me please!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:16 02 Jun 2017

Run a disk chk and a memory test

  AnnabonD05 01:32 03 Jun 2017

how to run? should I run from windows installion menu?

  AnnabonD05 01:33 03 Jun 2017

how to run? should I run from windows installion menu?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:39 03 Jun 2017

tap F8 as it powers on - takes you to menus where you can select command prompt.

at command prompt type chkdsk /f/r press enter and let the test complete.

to do a memory test best to use something like memtest86 free version boot from a USb and run it.

  AnnabonD05 16:08 03 Jun 2017

But my PC doesn't boot to windows then how will I search?

Can it be any kind of RAM problem something like that?

  q33ny 18:29 03 Jun 2017

AnnabonD05 as everyone suggested it might be a memory problem. Though Windows comes with a memory test I for one don't trust it but you can try. If not you need access to a PC for the next step. Ask a friend or colleague for help. Copy paste below link. click here this is the test that you need. Just put it on a USB drive and boot from that drive and run it. Let it run a couple of times just to make sure it is OK (I've seen errors at the second test). If this passes than you should go to a professional as it might be to expensive for you to diagnose this as you might have problems with MB, PSU, Disk drive or might be even a faulty SATA cable.

  AnnabonD05 04:19 04 Jun 2017

Thank you q33ny, I'll surely get back with the results and inform you.

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