Problem with MS Word Template

  Hercules03 13:07 21 Oct 2004

I have created a template in Word using the document properties as a means to create variable data. Im also using mail merge to add a name and address before passing the document on for the rest of the variable information to be added (as .doc).
However, despite the fact that Ive closed the data source and merged to new document before saving, it insists on trying to re-open the data source each time.
I need to remove this link so that I can send the document to people who dont have the data source.
However, try as I may I can't work it out.
Help please .... :o))

  Trolley 15:45 21 Oct 2004

You can't send a document to another user who hasn't got the data source.

When MS Word uses a database or a data source it only reads the lines that it requires without copying the data into the file itself.
This means that when you sednd the file you are saving a link to the data source, and not the data from the data source.

Sorry if this doesn't help you very much.

Is there any reason why the useres can't have access to the data source as-well?

  Hercules03 17:11 21 Oct 2004

The templates were going to be sent to a number of different locations some of which are remote (i.e by email). The data base of names and addresses is quite large, and we didn't want to send out multiple sets as it will probably exceed limits.
If there is no other solution, I will abandon the use of the data table, and get the addresses typed in by hand.

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