Problem with MS Outlook

  xania 20:55 31 Mar 2010

A friend uses MS Outlook but in a very basic manner. His inbox contained some 1500 emails and his deleted> folder many more - he does occasionally delete his emails but only to the deleted box. Funny filing system but there it is!

Anyhow, today he found that all the emails in his inbox had vanished - and NOT to his 'deleted' folder but just vanished. However, all his previously deleted were still there and his address book was unaffected. All he had left in his inbox were 2 emails that arrived today.

Prior to this, he reported having just installed a new version of Norton onto his PC and that then Outlook had struggled to load forcing him to reboot on a number of occasions before finally opening to reveal that all the inbox emails were missing.

Any ideas I can put to or try for my friend? As I don't use Outlook I'm at something of a disadvantage here.

  robin_x 00:57 01 Apr 2010

If that doesnt work. Search the hard drive

He might have more than one pst file. But that is where they are all stored.

Make sure the Outlook path is correct wherever they are.
Or just try importing them from there.

Address stuff is in .wab files

  xania 16:16 04 Apr 2010

Thank you both for your ideas. In the end I went round and took a look and low and behold - all his missing messages were sitting in the deleted folder. 30 seconds - job done. I thought it all sounded very strange and still don't know how he managed to do it.

The deleted folder had 6800 messages which included over 1500 which he'd managed to delete.


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