Problem with MS Outlook 2007

  xania 17:06 23 Dec 2013

Brand new laptop running Windows 7 Pro. for my wife. Took backup of the .pst file before decommissioning old PC. Installed software on Laptop and then used backed up .pst to get all data back into Outlook. However, now find that all the old data is in Personal Folders but that Outlook has set up a new set of folders using the email address as the folder name. Both lots have most of the usual sub-folders, except that while Personal Folders has a deleted sub-folder, the new folder has a 'Trash' sub-folder. But worse is the fact that now all deleted emails are merely crossed through rather than automatically moved to the 'deleted' sub-folder or 'trash' sub-folder, and one cannot just move them to deleted/trash any more. I can make sure that I don't see the deleted emails, but that is only a part-time solution.

Looking at the data location tab on the account settings, shows both .pst files: Outlook.pst contains the old backed up .pst, and is set as the default and out-0000001,pst (where is the email address) seems to hold all the new data, but is NOT the default and cannot be set to default, despite the fact that everything seems to be defaulting to it.

So, quite a questions:

How can I get the software to work with 'Default Folders' with the email address? How can I get the deleted emails to simply go into the deleted/trash? Why has 'deleted' suddenly become 'trash'?

A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all those who celebrate at this time of the year.

  Woolwell 18:17 23 Dec 2013

Which method did you use to get the old emails into the account? I use file - import and export. That normally brings all of the emails into the correct account and as a result I have one pst file for pop accounts and imap accounts will create their own.

Are you using pop or imap account? The action of crossed through seems like an imap account.

  BRYNIT 19:49 23 Dec 2013

If you have two data files click on the one you want as the default and click on "set as default" at the top, close outlook. Open outlook go back to Account settings/data file select the file you do not want and click on remove.

I usually keep my Outlook.pst files in a folder on a separate partition/drive allowing easy access if I need to do a clean install all I need to do is direct outlook to the file location. If I need to transfer to another computer I just copy the folder.

  xania 10:36 27 Dec 2013

Woolwell - we take a copy of the .pst file to backup on an external media and then copy this back to replace the existing .pst, makng sure the file name is the same!!.

BRYNIT - the problem is the correct file is the default - but the emails are still gong to the other file.

  Woolwell 12:50 27 Dec 2013

xania - I don't do it that way. I export the data as a pst file to an external drive and then import it.

  xania 18:10 27 Dec 2013

Woolwell - relic of the past.

Anyhow, matters are getting worse. In an attempt to rectify matters, I've decided to start again. Oh dear. No matter how you uninstall Office, important parts seem to stay behind. I've tried both Windows 'Add/remove' and the uninstall option on the install DVD, but they all seem to leave enough behind for Outlook to remember exactly where it was when it is reinstalled. SO - any idea how to completely uninstall Office?

  Woolwell 20:07 27 Dec 2013

xania - I hope relic of the past was in jest. I did it that way only 6 months ago and it worked perfectly.

Outlook leaves data eg ost files in your appdata/local. How to get rid of all traces I'm not sure.

  xania 09:04 31 Dec 2013

No indeed not. I wrote a dos script to backup all the data on various virtual disks to external storage, and this is managed as a task running every day in the background. This included the .pst files. As I say, this is a relic from the past, as it was first developed in the days of Windows 95 and Outlook Express, and has just been modified as time has passed. This has always worked well enough so I've never bother with Outlook's own process. Seems the time may be right to look again!! I look for that .ost file

  xania 09:44 13 Jan 2014

Tried doing it the right way. Backed it all to .csv and then did a complete re-install of Windows. Oh dear!

  1. Somehow managed to find all the old emails (I suspect the Windows.old folder created as part of the re-install. Could have been worse but warnings of problems still to come

  2. Restored the .csv file - all contacts returned, except no email addresses. Checked the .csv in Excel and email addresses are there, but Outlook not accepting them.

So - given up on Outlook and using Internet instead - and here the Outlook .csv installed all the address AND the email addresses first time. What a waste of time and money!!!

  Woolwell 10:53 13 Jan 2014

I back up to pst file not csv. One for contacts, one for each email account and another for calendar.

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