Problem With MS Backup.

  icytoes 10:20 14 May 2003

Can anyone help. Following the magazines advise I loaded MS Backup from my win98 disc in order to back up the whole of my hard drive. I have tried the utility about 4 times using each of the compression alternatives.
Each time, the program stops after about 30 mins. with a message "The Backup File Has Reached It's Maximum Size Allowed By The File System. Retry With Smaller Smaller Backups or A Different Device".
I am using Win Me and my hard drive is 40gb partitioned into 2 19gb partitions, C and E.
I am trying to use 'E' for the backup, it is formated but unused and my 'C' drive only has about 9gb of programs on at the moment. Why is the Backup File reaching it's maximum size?
I have checked that both C and E are using Fat32 but am not sure what else I can do.
Is there an answer to this or am I doing the wrong thing?


  y_not 20:06 14 May 2003

I can't give a full explanation (cause I don't know it) but you can't backup Windows while Windows is running the backup because its in use.

As I understand it you back up the data files rather than the programmes or, if you have a copy, use something like drive-image to effectively mirror the drive (I think it does this by re-booting into DOS)

Like I say I'm not very knowledgeable on this but at least this will refresh the thread back to the top where I'm sure others can give more help.


  VoG™ 11:47 15 May 2003

You are probably hitting the file size limit of 4GB on a FAT32 system click here

  stlucia 12:36 15 May 2003

As mentioned by others, there's a file size limit. But it's 32mb in FAT32, according to the link VoG gave.

Anyway if you're exceeding that, just select a few folders at a time for backup. Also, it's generally a waste of time backing up programs and operating systems because you've presumably already got backups of those (your original installation CDs), so just select the folders containing your data.

  VoG™ 12:39 15 May 2003

See Table 3.16 of my link. 32MB is the maximum partition size; the maximum file size is 4MB as I said.

  VoG™ 12:41 15 May 2003

I meant GB of course.

  icytoes 09:03 16 May 2003

The reason I wanted to do a 'mirror' copy of my disc is that I have found in the past, if a problem occures within a program and it has to be reloaded, a lot of the 'links' to work files within the program are lost and when going to a work file it can't be found. I have Pagemanager for my scanner and all the folders have to be painstakingly refilled if I have to reload the program, (not the best scanner prog perhaps but I'm used to it now).

  stlucia 09:03 16 May 2003

Oh dear! Now I've got to find out what a "volume" is.

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