Problem With Mouse

  sPiKe25 21:09 01 Dec 2006

Hi, I am having a problem with my Trust MI-3200 Wireless Mouse. I replaced the batteries about a fortnight ago, but the pointer is not moving where I want it to. I have tried another set of brand new batteries, but to no avail. Please help, this is driving me nuts..


  birdface 21:23 01 Dec 2006

lot of problems lately, Mostly with logitech,Dont think that there was any certain way that fixed them,some just switched their computer off and on again,And that worked, Some deleted the driver And used windows driver,

  Technotiger 21:37 01 Dec 2006

Hi, it is remotely possible that your hard drive may be slowing down, getting old - are there any unusual noises eminating from the area of your hard drive? I read this somewhere on another Forum, but cannot remember which.

  sPiKe25 21:57 01 Dec 2006

Technotiger, I don't remember any unusual noises or anything from the HD, but my computer sometimes shuts downs when, installing a program for example, and Microsoft reports it as a 'Hard Drive Lag'.. I'm still having this problem, but alot less often since I repaired some bad sectors on the HD.

  birdface 21:58 01 Dec 2006

Same sort of problem,click here

  Technotiger 22:04 01 Dec 2006

When I read about this before it did mention hard-drive lag resulting in mouse abnormalities.
Can't for the life of me remember where I saw it - probably in a magazine sometime, trouble is, I read so many mags.

  sPiKe25 12:01 03 Dec 2006

You seem to have solved my problem. By doing a simple restart, my mouse has started working normally again. I have also removed the Trust Drivers and went back to the Windows ones just as a precaution..

Many thanks,

  sPiKe25 20:27 10 Dec 2006

Hi again, the problems seem to have returned, but now, a system restart doesn't make any difference. I have also noticed, that on my family's other 3 accounts, the mouse does not work correctly, usually by not working at all, or by not going where they want it to go. The only thing is, the mouse works perfectly well on my account, but sometimes plays up after about 1 hour, and a restart does not cure this.

One thing I forgot to mention in my first post, is that the mouse has a ball, and is not optical, does anyone think that this may be causing the problem?

Please help, I'm only 12 and my parents are nagging me to get it fixed..

Any help appreciated,

  Technotiger 20:32 10 Dec 2006

Ah ha ... when did you last clean inside the mouse. The ball and the inside rollers get very clogged up and need periodic cleaning.

  Technotiger 20:34 10 Dec 2006

PS - You will no doubt find that the little rollers inside, which you can see after removing the ball, get very clogged - you will probably need to scrape the muck off using a nail-file or something similar, until the roller is completely clean and smooth again.

  Technotiger 20:35 10 Dec 2006

Hmmm ... roller ... should have read .. rollers, there are more than one.

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