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  hawthorn59 03:02 14 Jan 2005


I have a curious little problem with my mouse. First of all, I have a new laptop, but had the same problem with my pc ( a dell, under a year old).

Sometimes, for no reason, the cursor just disappears off the screen! I can bring it back straight away with the mouse of course, but its getting to be very annoying!

It just "flies" off like a rocket, and sometimes a bit slower. Exactly the same problem with the pc. The thing is, its an optical mouse, as was the one on the pc. I wonder?

Also, I may be imagining the following 2 things but Im not sure:

1 It only started after I installed Works 8...

2 I was using the laptop in a different location immediately after buying it, and I dont remember the problem there. But now I have it in the same place as the pc was.... could it be anything to do with speakers and subwoofer????

Oh, its a wireless Belkin mouse, but the one on the pc was an ordinary optical mouse so wireless doesnt seem to be the problem.

So thats it! Thanks in advance.


  AndySD 03:34 14 Jan 2005

Did both connect to the pc by usb by any chance?

  T0SH 09:42 14 Jan 2005

One of the most common causes of this problem with optical mice, is use on a mouse mat with picture or pattern, try using a sheet of plain white paper or card

Cheers HC

  mattyc_92 09:45 14 Jan 2005

See if there is a program listed in "Add/remove programs" called "CrazyMouse"... This app is very annoying so remove it!!!

  hawthorn59 20:04 14 Jan 2005

No crazy mouse program, even searched for it. It wont work at all, or v slowly, on the desk itself.I'll try a sheet of paper and report back!

Yes both usb. This one worked fine for the first few days on the other desk (no mat). I might try it there again and report back.

Many thanks


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