Problem mounting Macrium backup image

  Nosmas 18:40 22 Apr 2018

My system is Windows 10 and I am running Macrium Reflect v6.3.1835 for backups. I have two partitions - one for the OS and one for Data and I have scheduled regular FULL backups of both partitions, which are written to an external HDD. I am having trouble trying to mount one of the OS images in order to inspect and possibly restore a file by copy and paste

On the Macrium main page restore tab all available images are shown and I have selected one of the OS images to be mounted. Clicking on Browse Image then selecting the image to be mounted shows 'N/A' under the Drive Letter heading with no apparent means of changing it. Clicking on Restore Image opens a window showing the correct source image, and in the destinations section it shows my two partitions plus two others - Recovery and Dell Utility. Advancing to the Next window (Restore Summary) indicates the restore partition will have drive letter 'C'. Goimg back to the previous page and clicking Restore Partition Properties enables the drive lettr to e changed. Clicking on Finish displays a window stating the 'C' drive is in use and the restore cannot continue and suggests using Windows PE.

What am I not doing or doing wrongly? On rare occasions in the past I have mounted images without any problems.

  wiganken2 19:30 22 Apr 2018

When the images were created did you have the Autoverify selected? The image may be corrupt? Also have you tried the Macrium Reflect forum? click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:41 22 Apr 2018

you're trying to restore to the drive you have macrium running on (it cn't overwrite itself).

Just double click the image and macrium will mount it (if not then windows ask what app to open the image select macrium)

once mounted you can just copy the file you're interested in and paste to where you need it.

  Nosmas 23:50 22 Apr 2018

Fruit Bat - Thanks for your reply. I created the image with Autoverify but re-verified it as OK. When the Restore Summary showed it would go to 'C' drive I clicked Back and changed the drive letter to 'Z' so I was puzzled why the error message said 'C' is in use as I was NOT trying to overwrite 'C', I hace posted my problem to the Macrium Forum.

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