problem in me bin...

  morph1976 17:58 07 Sep 2003

i run windows xp and in my wisdom downloaded evidence eliminator and found that i dont need it!So i uninstalled it and that was ok, but when i right click on the recylce bin the option 'evidence eliminator safe recycle' remains and its doing my head in so how do i get rid of it..thank you...

  JMG 18:08 07 Sep 2003

I also used to run EE but I found it occasionally got all excited and screwed up my machine so I uninstalled it. I even had the same problem you had, cured by a reinstall and then another go at uninstalling.

Failing that, hunt for Evidence Eliminator in the registry and delete the registry keys associated with it and reboot. Back up your registry first and seta restore point.

  morph1976 18:26 07 Sep 2003

can you tell me how to get into the registry please to look for it?this may sound daft but how do i reboot?i tried to download it again just now but they want you to buy it and then they will refund it if you dont want it..

  TommyRed 19:18 07 Sep 2003

In win98SE you go into run and type regedit, to backup the registry go to registry>export registry save to desktop, it's important to backup before you delete anything in there. To re-boot hold down Ctrl, Alt & Delete together at the same time and press Delete twice. Don't know if it's different in XP. HTH, TR

  spikeychris 19:38 07 Sep 2003

WinXP does not work the same way. You can back up individual keys using the export tool but to backup the entire reg you have to use the backup tool that comes with XP.

Once in the reg, click the edit button at the top of the screen and click find. Type Evidence Eliminator. You will have to make sure that that what you delete is related to EE and nothing else, hit F3 when you have deleted the first found key and it might bring up more references.

With respect I think you ought to have a good read up on the ins and outs of the registry as one mistake can be catastrophic and if your struggling with a re-boot then a little reading is in order.

click here

  morph1976 21:56 07 Sep 2003

spikeychris ty that worked a treat.there were loads of keys in there!gonna read up on it now

  instant^mash 03:31 08 Sep 2003

I agree with spikeychris...

To help automate simple reg cleanups try this prog:

click here

The front page provides options to remove keys from anything you have installed. There are a lot of other features but the only one I use is Tools>Registry Cleanup> Do Them All

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