problem with margins in word

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 19:19 19 May 2006

i have word 2003, yet i cant seem to ajust my top margins. it looks like the text i am writing is right at the top of the page, but is putting margin in when i print. I can't see ajust margin (it is like it is locked).

This has been an issue for a while, but has come to a head, as i want to make a group of pictures i have inserted, the same size (so as a second question) is there an easy way to do this in word (make a group of pics same size?

cheers as always

  Peter 19:25 19 May 2006



The margins should be able to be adjusted from the Page Setup... option off the File dropdown menu. When using Word I set my documents to Page Layout off the View menu so that I can see the layout on screen as I type. Are you using the Page Layout setting?


  Peter 19:28 19 May 2006



As to your second question, for graphics I use a table layout an insert the pictures into the table. If you want you can set the table so that the table has No Border.


  lotvic 19:34 19 May 2006

In Word: View > Header & Footer

I only have word 2000, but it maybe that the problem is with the Headers & Footers interferring with your margin settings when it goes to print.

  babybell 10:42 15 Aug 2006

For some reason when I open a blank document in Word 2003 the cursor is at the very top of the page and i mean right at the top but it is also over to the right along way too. There is a slidy button along the top so that i can drag the cursor to the left but there is no vertical slider to drag the cursor down. It is becoming a pain, how can i revert back to the way it was?

  lotvic 01:17 21 Aug 2006

Hi there Babybell
you need to start your own thread for your problem because you won't get many replies by tagging onto the bottom of someone elses thread as no one will know you are there.
First choose which Forum you want i.e. 'Absolute beginners' or 'Helproom'
Click on:
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  Stuartli 08:51 21 Aug 2006

Whilst agreeing with lotvic's comment, I would ask if you have used the Align Left, Centre and Align Right buttons on the toolbar?

You need to use the Align Left button for the standard style.

  Eric10 09:53 21 Aug 2006

It sounds as if Word is set to hide white space. Make sure you are in Print Layout view ('View, Print layout' or use the icons at the bottom left of Word) then move your mouse cursor over the top edge of the page. The cursor will change to two arrows and if you hover it there you'll get a tool tip saying 'show white space' if it's hidden or 'hide white space' if it's not. Just click the left mouse button to change it.

  Woolwell 10:12 21 Aug 2006

In Word 2003 click on View - Print Layout and ensure that rulers are also ticked. You then should see the top margin shown as gray on the left hand ruler. You can adjust it up and down.

You can also achieve this through File - Page setup - which is what I normally use.

Print preview should show if there is a problem with header and footer.

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