Problem with low speed in browsing/PC in top shape

  Giannis Kolias 21:43 23 Jan 2017

Hi everybody and thanks in advance for your time My problem: I have a brand new Desktop PC(For your info in brief Windows10Pro,Core i5 6500,MB ASUS Z170-A,DUAL-GTX1060-O6G,16,525GB SSD,16 GB RAM) and I have HUGE PROBLEM while browsing in the Internet. In general the pc runs smoothly.I tried also GTA 5 and witcher 3 in full detail.. I am always using both Firefox and Chrome.Especially in firefox the system is "crawling". the pages take too long to load.also youtube. Not to mention Facebook.. where is also lag while typing words.And i mention loading and response rate not streaming which is good.With Chrome it is just a bit better. What I have done -Uninstalled and installed the browsers also in x64 version where existed -I checked for viruses,malware.I have and use avast,Malwarebytes Anti-Malware,cc cleaner and i am clean. Windows firewall is also on.but makes no difference to disable it. -In firefox I have some plugins like Appblocker,ghostery,Lastpass but also without them it is not better. -my internet connection is ok.I can download up to 3 Mb

As the PC is new (a lot of free space in hard disks)and very strong for browsing,there are no viruses and malware I am a bit confused.. I am thinking that the fact the Windows is a pirate version,this could be a hidden bug for pirates.. I just made a guess

Any thought or help is more than welcome thanks in advance


  wee eddie 21:47 23 Jan 2017

What speed is your Internet connection?

  Old Deuteronomy 23:09 23 Jan 2017

No help for users of pirated software here.

  Archonar 08:48 24 Jan 2017

Agree with above, paying for windows as is the legal requirement may well fix your problem so try doing that.

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