Problem with lost programs - Not showing even though I installed it on another partition

  ImagineCreativity 09:52 03 Nov 2014

I upgraded to Windows 8 last night, and encountered a lot of problems. My dual screen was not working, all drivers had been lost. However after upgrading to Windows 8.1, thankfully some have been fixed. However my biggest problem is that I have lost all my programs even though I installed it on a different partition of my hard drive. So when I was upgrading to Windows 8 from Windows 7, I did a custom install. I formatted my C:Drive since there wasn't enough memory. I thought I would have kept all my programs since it was installed on another partition, but after the setup was complete all my programs were gone, though they still showed up on the D:Drive. Luckily I copied all of my C:Drive to an external drive (Copy and Paste) and so I thought of just copying it back to the new C:Drive, but that didn't work. How do I get all my programs back? It's still on my D:Drive, but it isn't showing at all so in order for me to launch it, I have to manually go to Program Files (x86) or Program Files and fine the desired program which is a bit of a hassle. Help?

  Batch 10:02 03 Nov 2014

Not entirely sure what you've done.

It rather sounds like you had Windows 7 installed on C, with the programs on D and you then did a clean install of Win8 on C.

That being the case, then you won't be able to use the programs installed previously (under Win7) on D. Some may work (after a fashion), but you cannot rely on it at all.

When you install programs all sorts of information relating to the programs is effectively stored with the OS. Having done a clean install of Win8 will mean that your OS does not know of the programs on D.

If you can restore your original Win7 set-up, I'd recommend doing an UPGRADE to Win8, not a clean install. Alternatively re-install all of the programs again (if you have the installers etc.).

  ImagineCreativity 10:08 03 Nov 2014

Yes, I did do a clean install. So how would I revert back to windows 7? I don't have Windows.OLD? Sorry for the newby question

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:32 03 Nov 2014

Your just going to have to re install the programs again to the same folder they are in at present

That way the relevant info will be placed into the registry.

  Batch 11:36 03 Nov 2014

You said "Luckily I copied all of my C:Drive to an external drive (Copy and Paste) and so I thought of just copying it back to the new C:Drive, but that didn't work".

Have to say that I missed the "Copy and Paste" bit. Copying a partition (especially a system partition) using Copy and Paste will not work effectively. Now, if you had made a partition image (using imaging software) you might have stood a chance. But as things stand, reinstalling the programs is your only realistic option.

Personally I see no point in installing the software on a separate partition (from the OS) as they are tightly bound by the install process. As long as there is room on C I would put all the software there and use D for other purposes.

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