problem loading hardware on xp

  RRRay 22:21 01 Feb 2003

I'm having problems loading my hardware on xp, some will load and others wont, i/ve ended up loading my printer in the parralell port no joy in USB. My scanner is in the USB but only after long hours of persistence and tweeking,my main problem is with a card reader for my photo's, it should load automatically, no chance, not even with the suplied driver disc, I only get the error messages cannot load, your hardware may not work correctly, E.T.C. My computer is high spec only 10 months old, from TINY COMPUTERS just before they went wobberly can,t get any help off them, waste of time. can anyone help.

welcome to the XP haters club

  Steve27 00:10 02 Feb 2003

I wonder how large the XP haters club is? I for one think XP is a huge change for the good I count crashes in numbers per year rather than day and I usually cause the ones that do happen.

  Forum Editor 00:17 02 Feb 2003

in WinXP if you have an XP driver for it, and with repect, it might have been wise to check on that before you upgraded. It's not WinXP's fault if the hardware manufacturer hasn't written a driver.

When you start the XP installer it runs a hardware and software check, and tells you if there's going to be a problem with anything. This gives you the opportunity to go looking for drivers and/or patches before you install, or to abort the installation altogether. You don't even have to wait until you've paid for the XP upgrade though - there's a compatibility checker on the Microsoft web site, and this will warn you of any problems.

As for "welcome to the XP haters club" - I don't call that a particularly helpful contribution. The club doesn't have too many members anyway - WinXP has been the best-received Windows release ever.

If you need XP drivers for your devices, give us details of the models/versions involved, and one of us will do our best to find them for you - or tell you if they're not available.

  Forum Editor 00:18 02 Feb 2003

this thread will do better in the Helproom, so I'll put it there now.

  User-312386 01:36 02 Feb 2003

why not give us the specs/names of the hardware that does not load so we can check it out to see if we can find a workaround or even find the latest drivers

i am a great fan of XP


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