Problem Loading Driver for Onboard Modem

  griffon 56 23:40 08 Dec 2004

A 6 year old TIME model 234D87 333MX/5591C computer had to be formatted and have its Win 98 OS reloaded from the supplied unopened disc.

It has onboard sound, graphics and modem. The graphics driver loaded OK from a supplied driver disc but there was no indication of exactly what driver to use from the list of modem drivers. None of the ones tried seemed to work and an error message kept saying that the modem could not be detected. No power connections have been disturbed, the computer is connected to a live phone line and the original 'blueyonder' ISP dial-up connection has been correctly remade from a disc. No attempt was made to load the sound driver through lack of time. Would that have to be done before loading the modem driver?

TIME Computers has no online help area on their site, only a premium rate help line which I don't want to use. I have faxed TIME with the problem, but in the meantime is there anyone out there with a similar model who can quote the full path name for the modem driver, or a source for a generic one which would work.

The problem is made more difficult because I am 180 miles away from the machine, and haven't got visual access to the guts of it but please do your best.

  Smegs 01:09 09 Dec 2004

click here click here click here Download one of these, run it on the PC, it will tell you what the Hardware is.

  griffon 56 22:21 09 Dec 2004

Thanks Smegs, I'll give them a try.

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