problem with latest microsoft.Net Framework

  morters 14:33 14 May 2010

I recently bought a new Canon camera but when I tried to download the picture viewer software from the CD ROM I got the following error message:

"An error has occured during the installation of Microsoft. NET Framework. Installation has been stopped."

Canon say this is because I don't have the latest version of this and suggested ringing Microsoft. As usual, totally useless; as usual, I find the Microsoft help website totally incomprehensible (I am not at all technical - had never heard of NET Framework until now!)

I have Windows XP, Media Centre Edition, version 2002.

Can anyone advise in clear, non-techy manner how to sort this out? I had assumed that all the automatic Microsoft updates would hve taken care of this but then I'm just a computer simpleton.

Thanking anyone out there in advance.

  bremner 14:44 14 May 2010

Net Framework 1.1 click here

Net Framework 2 click here

Net Famework 3.5 click here

Install them all. Each may be required in future as as you have found different applications require different versions.

  morters 14:53 14 May 2010

Thanks, bremner. Looking in the Framework folder in the Microsoft. Net folder on my pc, I see I have File Folders: v1.0.3705, v1.14322 and v2.0.50727. Should I just download 3.5? And what about Microsoft's instructions to make sure I've got the latest service pack and that I've got Windows Installer 3.1? - this is where I got lost.

  bremner 14:58 14 May 2010

Yes just download and install v3.5.

You should ensure you have XP SP3 as well.

  morters 15:00 14 May 2010

Sorry, bremner, but how do I check if I've got XP SP3? Sorry to be a pain.

  morters 16:37 14 May 2010

bremner, don't know if you're still there but it would seem I have service Pack 3 (right clicked My Computer Properties). Downloaded v3.5 but I get an error message and it won't install. In the error log it reads: "Depcheck indicates XPSEPSC Installer is not installed". Any suggestions?

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