problem with laptop hard drive

  vinalspin 15:00 20 Feb 2008

I have just purchased a new compaq c730em laptop which came with vista home premium as the O/S.
I have formatted the drive using windows98, now will not install 98 stating not enough memory, will not install from xp boot disk as cannot find hard drive on setup. Cant find hard drive in bios either.
I decided to load a different o/s because vista is crap!
Can anybody help?

  Gongoozler 15:20 20 Feb 2008

I think the problem is that the hard drive is probably formatted NTFS which isn't recognised by Windows 98. You would be better off installing XP.

  vinalspin 15:37 20 Feb 2008

xp won't install, as soon as it get's to the starting install, press enter screen and you press enter it comes up with, can't find hard drive on the system!

  crosstrainer 15:51 20 Feb 2008

You have discovered the beauty of laptops...They have non-standard installation requirements, special drivers etc. If you wanted XP, you should have stated this at the time of purchase. Most laptops are supplied with either a restore partiton, or a custom restore DVD.

If you have these, you may be able to revert back to Vista, providing your hdd isn't to badly overwritten.

If you really want XP on it, your only real option is to take it back to the supplier and explain your plight!

  vinalspin 15:59 20 Feb 2008

managed to delete vista and instal xp on another laptop just 2 weeks ago on a 3 month old laptop so i know it's possible!
someone must know how to solve my problem!!!

  crosstrainer 16:07 20 Feb 2008

It's just not as straighforward as a pc. Depending on the lappy (compaq very unuser serviceable) they also have certain things built into the BIOS. Being a new machine, I would take it back, tell the truth, and hope they will make the change for you.

I know I have done this for clients, but I supply Acer kit, and stopped compaq years ago.

  vinalspin 16:55 20 Feb 2008

they want to charge me about a quarter of what it cost and i can't afford it, pc world just loves to sting you whenever it can, besides, if they can fix it why can't i find out how myself? i'm sure there must be someone other than the techs there that know what to do! Surely!!!

  crosstrainer 16:58 20 Feb 2008

As simple as that I'm afraid....Yes they do have special disk's provided by Compaq to do the job....They are being a bit OTT trying to charge you that much for an hour or so's work. Find another Compaq dealer in your area (small is good)

  vinalspin 17:02 20 Feb 2008

it says,


Volume in drive C is C
Directory of C:\

File not found
152,588.00 MB free

so it can see the 160Gig space but won't recognise the drive!!!

  crosstrainer 17:05 20 Feb 2008

(and you need to refer to your manual for this) If you try to re-set factory defaults from the BIOS? It should have several restore options built in.

  vinalspin 17:08 20 Feb 2008

nothing happened apart from boot seq reverted and delay time

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