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Problem with laptop hard disk

  Anon-2294311 16:00 19 Jun 2015

Please help.. I was listening to a music from cd on my laptop. I used the laptop battery as a power and not plugged into electricity. Then i heard the song became unstable and then it went off, run out of battery. At that time i just put the laptop aside, not directly recharge the battery. The next day when i turned it on with the power connected to the electricity, it went black screen. I've tried to use the F1 or F2 but it showed only blinking dash. Can i recover the hard disk? How to do it? I went to the computer store but he said the hard disk cant be saved. I didnt trust the guy because he just turned on the laptop and saw the blinking dash, not doing anything else, directly made a judgement like that. Anyone can give solution? i havent made any backup, that's why i need it. Thanks in advance..

  Anon-326855 16:07 19 Jun 2015

Couple of ways to start. First remove HDD and connect to another PC using a caddy or USB - SATA lead.

Second , download and burn a Linux CD and try booting laptop from it.

Also, carefully open up laptop, remove HDD and reseat it.

  Anon-319210 17:57 19 Jun 2015

What op system are you using windows 7 or s?

  Anon-2294311 12:40 20 Jun 2015

@jolly john Oh no...So complicated, i know nothing about Linux.. Does it work? If it is, i'll have to ask other person to do it..

@ fruit bat I'm using windows Vista..

  Anon-319210 13:49 20 Jun 2015

Try entering the BIOS (setup) and see if the drive is being shown there.

Do you have a Vista DVD?

  Anon-2294191 20:45 20 Jun 2015

The contents of the disk can almost certainly be recovered, any data on there should be safe. From what you've said in your OP it seems more likely to be a hardware issue than a hard disk failure.

Building on Jollyjohn's reply; you'll want to remove the disk - if you don't feel 100% comfortable with this I'd recommending asking someone to help you. Once removed put the disk in a disk caddy. You can then plug the disk into another PC and access it like you would a USB pen drive.

However, if you want to find out what is causing the problem, you'll want to start by doing what Fruit Bat suggested - use your Windows Vista DVD (if you have one) and try booting from the disk. This might involve entering the BIOS and selecting the DVD drive as the primary boot device (although this will usually be set by default, unless you've changed it yourself).

If your laptop does manage to boot from the disk, you'll be given the option to 'Repair' Windows without losing your personal data.

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