Aneal 14:19 19 May 2006


Wondering if anyone can help!

When I start my laptop everything initially seems fine, with all details comming up etc. However the problem lies when the computer loads up the desktop. The desktop now just displays a black / blank screen? However I can hear things in the background popping up i.e. the virus programme promting me to update etc. but I can see nothing visually?
The strange thing is, is that the laptop sometimes works fine and dispalys everything.

I have gone into safe mode and everthing appears again but I just cant seem to find what the problem is!

Please help,

Many Thanks

  rodriguez 14:33 19 May 2006

Try reinstalling Windows and if the problem comes back, then it could be faulty hardware such as a loose connection where the screen is connected to the rest of the laptop.

  bosmere 14:38 19 May 2006

Aneal have you checked the little pin that turns off your screen when you close it?

It should be sticking up straight. You could try gently pulling it out more to see if your screen comes back on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:38 19 May 2006

control panel - system - hardware- device manager uninstall and reinstall the graphics (display ) driver

and retry

  Aneal 14:50 19 May 2006

rodriguez: Not too sure if it will be a "loose connection where the screen is connected" as the screen displays everything fine prior to the desktop being dispalyed i.e. progress bag etc etc. Plus when I run in safe mode everthing is fine.

bosmere - Dont think it can be this as the screen always works when in safe mode.

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - "uninstall and reinstall the graphic" will I need a CD or something to re-install?

  Aneal 15:45 19 May 2006

For your info I have MS Windows XP Prof.


  rodriguez 16:02 19 May 2006

To reinstall the graphics you need the CD that ha the graphics drivers on it that should have come with the laptop. If you haven't got a CD try going to the graphics manufacturer's website to download them or go to DriverGuide (click here) and get a free account. This will give you access to almost any driver you need.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:04 19 May 2006

you will need to Know what graphic card you have installed any one of these will tell you
PC inventory takers :-
Belarc click here
Fresh Diagnose click here
SIW click here
SiSandra click here
System Spec click here
Winaudit click here

Did you get a CD with the drivers on with the laptop? If not you will have to download them from the makers web site.

  Aneal 16:11 19 May 2006

Thanks guys. Do you think it could be any other problem than the graphics card? Maybe the display setting of the laptop?
I am saying this becuase I am asking myself why does the screen work sometimes (on rare occasions) and not the other, surely if this was a graphics card problem it would remain consistent?

Again thanks for your help!

  Aneal 16:37 19 May 2006

Another thing....If I delete my graphics card wont the screen just go black in safe mode also?

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