problem with laptop

  KPC 19:52 08 May 2003

I've recently bought a laptop which has been working fine until today. When i started it, it came up in POST......0251 system CMOS checksum bad, default configuration used.....then it says f1 to resume and then it shows for about 1/4 of a second a blue screen and some writing that states something about the registry and it will go no further, what could be the problem.

KPC Thu, 08.05.03 | 18:53
is there some key i can press so it halts on the blue screen so i can read the registry note

  jasg 20:15 08 May 2003

The cmos error is usually caused by your motherboard batt failing which causes the bios to lose any previous configuaration everytime the machine is swiched off. so the machine defaults to the motherboards base configuration which normally takes no account of what hardware you have installed, it sounds as this is then causing a problem with the windows registry. When turning on you can push the delete key (normally) to enter the bios setup, you should then go througheach option one at a time changing them to mnatch your hardware config and operating system, if you are ensure what a particular setting should be then leave it at default. if the machine then boots you have the solution to the problem A new motherboard batt theses for a dektop usually cost between £1.50 to £3 but for a lap your guess is as good as mine!

  powerless 20:17 08 May 2003

You will have to send the Laptop back to have the battery replaced.

  KPC 20:38 08 May 2003

thanks alot for the info. what a pain if you have to send it back to the manufacturers or would pc world fit one

  powerless 20:40 08 May 2003

No send it back to where you brought it from (is it under warranty etc?).

  KPC 20:54 08 May 2003

it is out of warranty

  KPC 20:54 08 May 2003

it is out of warranty

  jasg 23:00 08 May 2003

if its out of warranty i would take it to a local pc parts/repair shop they should be able to deal with this with no problems i would not expect to pay no more then £25 to replace the batt most models they are accessible by lifting out the key board and removing a small access panel.

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