Problem i;ve never encountered before (need help)

  Bailaconmigo 18:12 23 Jun 2006

Hi, Something weird is happening to my computer i have no idea what it is to be honest. I boot up the computer, and all the dos writing is covered by think red lines and white dots, then the windows xp badge is in several diffrent jaded colours. Also when in, the actually windows its all mixed colours and lines. The system also reboots itself at its lesuire.

Any one tell me what this is please? Better yet, how to get rid of it?



  woodchip 18:18 23 Jun 2006

Virus or Malaware. Or it could be the Video Card but doubt this on what is happening

  Smiler 18:19 23 Jun 2006

Try removing & refitting the graphics card

  Smiler 18:20 23 Jun 2006

can't see it being virus or malware as the effect is there in dos startup pages

  woodchip 18:23 23 Jun 2006

Virus can get into DOS and old ones into BIOS

  Bailaconmigo 18:27 23 Jun 2006

Well, il try refiting the graphics card, n see what happends. If that doesnt work then i guess its a virus, is malaware removeable? i dont have a virus protector so il just have to format. that would defo get rid yeah?

  woodchip 18:34 23 Jun 2006

You could Download a Free AV and see what it finds.
click here

  bluto1 19:35 23 Jun 2006

"I don`t have a virus protector....."
Begs the question do you have an active firewall.
suggest you look into what protection you have and when you`ve sorted out you`re 1st problem then have a look at these freeware items
spybot click here org
Adaware click here com
cCleaner click here

Zonealarm click here

click here
click here

Only one AntiVirus plus all or some of the rest. They all do different jobs for you.
Hope you get sorted soon.

  bluto1 19:40 23 Jun 2006

Very remiss of me , but if you do install any
Anti Malware be sure to update it immediately

  DieSse 22:03 23 Jun 2006

It sounds more like a video card problem than a virus to me - however you DO need to have decent and up to date AV protection. It would be very rare for a virus to cause such a problem during the boot up - and for many years impossible for it to get into the BIOS or the pre-boot screens. This type of corruption has all the hallmarks of a graphics card problem.

As suggested, remove and refit the graphics card - same with the monitor cable. Carefully check that a fan on the graphics card hasn't failed, too. And run an eraser over the graphics card contacts to clean them.

  Bogbrain 22:48 23 Jun 2006

I cannot believe in thios day and age people still go online more or less totally unprotected from all the errm 'rubbish' that's out there online. People like that really deserve all they get. It's not as if there aren't warnings EVERYWHERE about the pitfalls of being online without protection. It beggars belief really.

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