Problem with issues re: Virus, Spyware and XP...

  Gaz 25 04:10 15 Jul 2004

Hi all,

I was a little stuck for words on my title, but hopefully I can sum it up here.

I have built a system for a 'customer' can he has been happy with the computer - and since bought another one and connected WiFi up to both of them.
Anyway recently he complained one of them was extreamly slow while the other one wouldnt start into windows.

Investigated the problem further - run various antivirus and spyware programs.... MicroWorld eScan, Panda, TrendMicro, McAfee free scan, and norton's online scan. Spyware apps such as spybot, adaware, CWShredder, Hijack this.

To my amazement I had to use Kazaa begone to get rid of Kazaa and blow me 321 Viruses, yes you heard that right 321. Three hundred and twenty one. Ranging from Downloader.GK/.HH/.CK,etc to Briss.A, sasser, Downloader.Ject, 1st Bar dropper,, Fizzer, Sobig, Mimal, DJ.VBS, lovegate....and a few polymorphs, small.a and so on... To many to list. Including over 100 spywares and dialers such as TeenSex, etc... :-o And to be honest eScan antivirus I will add - did a nice job at removing them. The free one as well! Toolkit version.

However after that and repaired a few items such as the infected Notepad.exe - PC returned to nice working order. Fast!

The other PC is erm - litterly had all system files deleted. My guess? Virus! Had to reinstall OS completly.

Tested hardware with various tools - and also checked memory with memtest. All shows up as: OK. They are all brand name parts from MSI, AMD, Kingston, Sapphire, etc.

Now I said that my warranty, does NOT include these sofware and security issues and is stated clearly in the terms of sale, therefore I will unfortunatly have to charge since the problem is not hardware related, thus not my responsibility. Agreed? Customers responsibility to protect their computers and ensure sofwtare is safe.

Anyway he started to get really angry and abusive - requesing that he not pay the money. I'm only asking very little money as well only £15. Which for the time involved I would say is fair.

Anyway, he is refusing to pay and is requesting the system back and me set-it-up in his home on wifi for him at no cost - he says it should be in the warranty, etc, etc.

Then he is complaining to me about the fact Norton Antivirus didn't detect the viruses. How am I supposed to know? I tried serveral different on-demand (not real-time) scanners to find as many as I did, and it cirtainly isnt in my warranty to do virus removal for free.

Had quite a long not arguement, but disscussion with various dissagreements on several things on the phone today. ;-o And he did more or less say its all my fault - I should have made sure the Preinstalled norton protected him, and windows Xp shouldnt corrupt like that - is all my fault. Ah.. but if he goes on the websites that include viruses then he's bound to have start-up issues, slowness, etc...

Anyway thankgodness I have insurance and a disclaimer/terms of sale.

What do you guys think?

Whats a good charge for this type of problem?

Should he be able to have a system fixed under a warranty for any reason including viurses for free?

Thanks very much indeed! Sorry it's long.


  Gaz 25 04:13 15 Jul 2004

This should really be in consumerwatch I guess.

Sorry! I think I will just have to leave it here for the moment, dont want to create double threads.


  Gaz 25 04:22 15 Jul 2004

then FE can choose what he would like to delete, either that or just leave them.

Sorry if this causes confusion. The link to the one in consumerwatch is: click here


  zanwalk 06:15 15 Jul 2004

Well one thing is for sure, if he had purchased the systems from a big manufacturer then he certainly wouldn't have had access to free virus removal. From what I understand from your post, he had extremely good service from you and only a nominal charge into the bargain.

I sympathise with you because I also build a few systems for customers, although I have never had a problem with one like that (so far).

It really comes down to whether you give in to this customer, or whether you persue him for the money. My opinion is that it would be better to leave it this time but to make sure that he understands if it happens in future there WILL be a charge. And that sounds very probable judging by his record so far.

No one can guarantee a system will remain virus/problem free, no matter what antivirus software is used. Perhaps you need to update your t & c to clearly state this, and in the future to make sure each customers attention is drawn to this fact. Once bitten, twice shy!

  Gaz 25 14:18 15 Jul 2004

click here or a copy of the T & C.

I think it may be a little confusing that page, since I havent had the time to lay it out nicely.

Do you think its ok or any modification improvements would be kind?

  terminus 15:28 15 Jul 2004

If I were... nay, had paranoid propensities.

I would suggest, this post was nothing more than a successfull attempt to promote 'your' somewhat ill-spelt web site.

  Gaz 25 16:03 15 Jul 2004

Sorry about the spelling. I am working hard to correct them daily.

Its a new website.

  Gaz 25 16:07 15 Jul 2004

It's all written in HTML so you can imagine the problem I have in checking the spelling.


I am also not premoting it - infact might ask FE if he can remove the website address for me if I am going to receive that type of response.

  Nellie2 16:30 15 Jul 2004

Well I think it is quite reasonable that you posted a copy of your T&C.... and I think you made it quite clear that you are not responsible for and do not guarrantee the effectiveness of AV etc.

If he has a gripe about the virus's then he should take it up with Norton, not with you.

£15 sounds extremely reasonable to me... infact I think you are undercharging.

  Gaz 25 16:48 15 Jul 2004

I try to offer a low cost high performance service - and I can't belive that someone is trying to blame me for AV, since it is clear I don't and can't support it.

I'm considering giving his money back at the moment. :-(

I'm running tests on the systems at the moment - both working hassle free.

  Nellie2 17:48 15 Jul 2004

Don't give him his money back..... I'm not in business for myself so I don't know how legal this is, but if it were me I would give him his machines back (tell him to connect them to the wifi himself) with a letter stating that the systems were spyware/virus/problem free at the time of return and any future problems not hardware related are the responisbility of the customer... something like that anyway. :)

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