Problem with Internet Explorer 8

  freaky 21:11 18 Feb 2010

I downloaded it today to replace IE.7

I don't like it very much as the toolbar shows a limited amount of information. According to Microsoft they say press the ALT key and additional toolbars will appear, but nothing happens on my PC.

In view of the above I would like to revert back do I do this?

  Technotiger 21:14 18 Feb 2010
  freaky 09:57 19 Feb 2010

Thanks Technotiger......When I started the PC this morning the appearance of IE8 had changed. The colours were better and I now have buttons for for Page-Safety-Tools etc. And Ispell is working. The cause may have been due to it not installing completely. I will therefore continue to use it!

  freaky 18:10 19 Feb 2010

Further to my post above.......I find that IE8 is quicker than IE7. Could this be due the non-use of the Pshing filter (may not have spelt that correctly)?

  provider 2 12:47 20 Feb 2010

I think Phishing filter in IE 7 has been replaced by SmartScreen Filter in IE 8: click here

It`s much better, I think ... not so resource- demanding.

  freaky 11:52 21 Feb 2010

A problem I get with IE8 occasionally is the top tool bars,instead of having a grey background it's a dark colour.

If I do a restart then it's OK !!!!!

  provider 2 12:38 21 Feb 2010

... fixing that is a bit more difficult and may involve editing the registry which is best left to experts, I think. (The problem may have been caused by using a dodgy registry cleaner.)

Still, you have a choice:

Leave it as it is and use the restart solution or give this "Fix-it-for-me" solution a try: click here

(Forgot to mention, I don`t think SmartScreen filter is enabled by default ... instructions to enable it in the relevant link above.)

  provider 2 12:55 21 Feb 2010

... OR uninstall/reinstall IE 8.

Re-reading your earlier posts makes me think there could have been at least one error in your first installation.

  freaky 13:28 21 Feb 2010

I downloaded IE8 and saved it on my desktop yesterday instead of running it. I then ran the program and it removed the original IE8 and did a new was OK. Today the same problem occurred but was OK after a restart.

It's not a big problem as it run's OK....just annoying!!!!

  provider 2 13:49 21 Feb 2010

This is the problem with IE 8, minor but irritating niggles spoiling what is really a rather good browser, now.

I quite often have to restart IE 8 because it loads, then hangs ... stuck on a futile attempt to load my Google toobar.

Closing and restarting brings up the IE closed unexpectedly message and the options to restore previous session or go to homepage, which it does, but then it should have done so in the first place.

Perhaps the best answer is to use Firefox, which a lot of people are doing now.

  freaky 14:04 21 Feb 2010

What version of Windows are you using i.e. XP (SP3). If you are still on XP (SP2) then Microsoft recommend updating to SP3 before installing IE8.

Your problem sounds worse than mine, at least mine loads OK without any fault messages.....I'm using XP (SP3).

Taking the dogs for a walk now, so might be a delay before I can reply to any messages you send.


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