Problem with internet desktop shortcuts

  xania 14:07 05 Aug 2011

Using Windows XP Pro SP3 and IE8. My wife has a number if icons which she has set up which are shortcuts to specific web addresses (this is not the same as using Internet Explorer favourites).

Until recently, these shortcuts all worked well (as indeed do mine on my PC with the same set-up). However, a couple of days ago, the internet short-cuts stopped working on my wife's PC - no other problems occurred. What should happen, according to MY PC is that IE8 opens, the address from the shortcut gets dropped into the IE8 address bar and IE8 then opens the url - on my wife's PC, clicking the shortcut still opens IE8, but no longer drops the address onto the IE8 address bar, so nothing happens.

Any ideas what has happened and, more importantly, how to overcome the problem, pleawe?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:20 05 Aug 2011

What software have you installed recently? Older versions of word view cause the same problem

  Secret-Squirrel 16:27 05 Aug 2011

It sounds like the something has gone wrong with the file-association for Internet shortcuts. If so then there's a quick fix for it which will restore the settings back to their defaults so click HERE then click the link for the URL File Association Fix near the bottom of the page. Instructions are at the top of the page but post back if you need further help.

  xania 17:14 05 Aug 2011

Fruit Bat - we did have a problem with PhotoShop6 so uninstalled and reinstalled it - but no other changes and we're pretty certain that the problem was already there by then.

Secret-Squirrel - you may well have hit the nail and the head. We also had a problem with the file association for pdf's which I fixed, so will have a look at this later this afternoon and report back.

  xania 15:03 06 Aug 2011

Secret-Squirrel - unfortunately, resetting the file associations has not worked.

Sea Urchin - I have also tried this without success. What I did was set up a new shortcut and actaully typed in the url myself. Once agian, however, the url did not get actross to the IE8 address bar.

  xania 13:13 15 Aug 2011

Sea Urchin

Sorry about the delay. No - I tried that one already. We are now experiencing otrher problems so it looks like a reinstall of Windows over the top is called for.

I'll close this now and, if necessary, open a new thread later.

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