Problem installing XP on a netbook(NB100)

  Madpad_001 09:29 21 Jan 2010

Hello all,

I need some help. I have a Toshiba netbook (NB100)

It did have window XP installed but it was corrupt and would not load at all.

So i decided to wipe the drive and start a fresh.

I found out how to put win XP onto a flash drive, changed the BIO's to boot from USB. Inserted USB, started netbook up.

It read the usb ok starts in the blue windows install screen. But then the problems begin.

It gets as far as saying starting windows, it hangs there for a few min then it crashs (Blue screen of death)

I have been able to install a linux OS and this goes on fine. I have also been able to format the drive (NFTS)

But every tome I try to install XP it crashs at the same spot.

So any advice will be most welcome.



  Technotiger 09:55 21 Jan 2010

I don't think it is possible to install XP from a flash drive. Though I am prepared to be corrected on this!

The XP install needs to be on the drive onto which it is going to be installed. Have you not got an original XP disc - which is what I think you will need!

  scotty 11:00 21 Jan 2010

Could there be some drivers required? I recently tried to install XP on a desktop and it would not work because drivers for a SATA disc were needed. There is an option in the install process to provide these drivers (pressing F6 sounds familiar).

  Madpad_001 17:10 21 Jan 2010

Will see if I can find the drivers then post back

  Madpad_001 17:12 21 Jan 2010


My net book (Toshiba NB100) does not have a CD/DVD drive

  Technotiger 17:35 21 Jan 2010

I know that, but I thought you might have an external CD drive. I tried installing stuff on a Netbook using a USB drive as you did, but it did not work - so I used an external CD drive.

  scotty 17:52 21 Jan 2010

Google threw up this link:
click here

  Madpad_001 18:58 21 Jan 2010


Cheers will try the drivers and get back to you.


Sorry mate. Good idea if scotty meathod does not work I will try it.

  woodchip 22:19 21 Jan 2010

I Tried Installing Software that was copied direct from CD to External Hard Drive it would not go. reason Copywrite of cd Only way as above is using a External DVDRW drive I bought one of these for £39 from a Computer Fail slimline type looks like a Notebook Writer thats fitted in a case its A full Muli DVDRW drive DL and Ram drive. AS the XP OS was already onI created a Acronis Image as soon as I Bought the Samsung Netbook. For just such as an occasion lie yours. The Software I loaded using Networking before I bought the Drive, That will be okay for later. I do not platy the odds Thats why mine works

  woodchip 22:21 21 Jan 2010

Computer Fair not Fail

  woodchip 22:44 21 Jan 2010

Mine is a Samsung np10 Netbook

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