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Problem installing Ubuntu.

  Simsy 15:58 17 Oct 2010


I was trying to install Ubuntu, (10.10) for my sister a couple of days ago, as a "spare" OS, on a second internal HDD...

Booted from the CD OK and it went through it's starting routine for a couple of mins or so...

Eventually get to the screen where you choose whether to "Try" or "Install"...

Unfortunately at this point it falls apart because neither mouse nor keyboard, (PS2) work!

I repeat several times, including changing mouse, (to another PS2 one), with the same result almost every time... I say almost becasuse on 1 occassion the mouse did work... but only for one click!!!

I can find similar reports on the internet, but these all seem to refer to AFTER the installation has taken place, and fixes refer to altering various config files.

I intend to have another go, when possible, using a USB mouse to see if that works, but I wont be able to try until I'm next over there, (which may be a while!

Just clutching at straws I wondered if anyone on these pages has come across it and has a possible solution.

I'm afraid I don't have everything in the way of specs... other than that its an eMachines e4084, about 2-3 years old. It has a Pentium 4 D820 processor running at 2.8 Gig, and RAM has been increased to 1 Gig, (2 x 256)

From searching on the internet it seems the mobo is this one;
click here
which certainly looks like the right one.

As I say I intend to have another go with a USB mouse, and I'll try another distro as well. I'm sure the disc is OK as I've used it OK to install on my own machine.

Any suggestions welcome!.




  LastChip 16:35 17 Oct 2010

I really am rather keen on Linux Mint for first time users.

It doesn't seem to have as many quirks as Ubuntu and certainly does a lot more "out of the box".

Although I have spades full of time for Ubuntu in what they have achieved to popularise Linux, it has to be said, I've never been a great fan.

In fact, I just love Debian. It's just so secure and stable, but possibly not the best choice for a newbie.

Interestingly, whereas Linux Mint was (and still is) based on Ubuntu, they have recently released a Debian based version; so sort of back to basics as they say.

I've used Mint for some time on my laptop without any issues, so perhaps it's something you may like to explore.

  Simsy 16:44 17 Oct 2010

infact, as I type this I've just finished burning live Mint CD...

still like to get to the bottom of the issue though...

This will be very much for when her Windows installation misbehaves, so she can quickly access internet/email unti I can get over there to fix it!

Any more suggestions folks.



  Simsy 20:00 17 Oct 2010

I'll bear that in mind.

For now I'm specifically looking for advice with regard to the mouse problem.

Any other offers?



  scotty 10:01 18 Oct 2010

Not tried 10.10 yet and have never had problem with ps2 mouse (other types have given occassional problems in earlier versions). Did find this page with google: click here

One suggestion if you are having to try installing several times, using a USB stick rather than a CD is much faster. Instructions here: click here

P.S. Another vote for Mint from me

  Simsy 15:56 18 Oct 2010

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "is it all available"?

Certainly the BIOS is happy with it; when booting into Windows there is 850ish MB available, with the rest being used by the onboard graphics, so yes the BIOS sees it all.

As I can't get anywhere with the Ubuntu install I can't tell what that's seeing/using.

I'm sure I gig will be enough for Ubuntu. I'm not sure what the actual spec for Ubuntu is but my previous PC, on which I dual booted WinXP and Ubuntu 10.4, had 1 Gig and Ubuntu ran just fine on it.

Thanks for the interest.

Any other suggestions folks?



  Simsy 15:59 18 Oct 2010

and realised my mistake...

My initial post should have said (2 x 512).

So 1 Gig is correct. Don't know where I got the 256 from!!

Sorry for any confusion!




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