problem installing two hard drives,help me please

  razzy31 21:16 28 Feb 2003

i have a 20 gig hard drive and i want to install another 40 gig drive,20 gig drive is on cable select,second drive is not being recognised anyone know how to help me please

  BrianW 21:23 28 Feb 2003

try changing from cable select to Auto in BIOS. I understand that cable select can be quite finicky. Also remember to set the jumpers correctly (if not already done) ie: master and slave. Hopefully this may help.

  Switcher 21:25 28 Feb 2003

Unles you have a pressing reason for using cable select you would probably be better setting the 20 as master and the 40 as slave if on the same signal cable or it can be master or slave if on the other signal cable. Also go in to bios and set all IDE devices as auto.

Once your 40 is recognised then Fdisk and format it.

  woodchip 21:34 28 Feb 2003

You need to take the drives out of slot and set one to master and other to slave, master preferable on end of cable. Then go to cmos setup when starting your computer and do a auto select drives not set to auto that slows boot time

  DieSse 21:39 28 Feb 2003

You may have a system with a 32Gb limit on drive size. As a quick check, does your new drive have a jumper to limit it's capacity to 32Gb - if so, then use it, and see if this cures the problem.

If it does, then ask again, and you will get advice on how to get around the limit. What make is your new drive?

  DieSse 21:40 28 Feb 2003

PS - both drives must be on cable select for it to work, and you must be using an 80 wire IDE cable too.

  Switcher 21:40 28 Feb 2003

Makes no difference which connector is used for Master or slave both equally valid. Setting to auto will only slow by milliseconds but will give you positive ID on drives during boot up.

  howard60 21:45 28 Feb 2003

as master and leave the other disconnected - see if this now gets seen - if not it will be your bios needs updating. you either have to flash it or get a card which takes over the control of the disk.

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