problem installing swf files with Windows 98...

  Florio 19:10 05 Jul 2008

I have given my little boy an old computer of mine for his 6th birthday; the OS is Windows 98. It is not connected to internet, and I've removed most of the programs and files which will be of no use to my son in the immediate future. For the moment, I thought I'd just install some of his favourite games on it.
Using a program called Orbit, I've managed to save a number of flash games (swf files) on my notebook. I've put them on a CD and have tried to install them on the old computer, but for some reason the PC tells me the CD contains no files.
Does anyone know what the problem is here, and how I can fix it?

  woodchip 20:35 05 Jul 2008

You cannot save Games or Programs from off another computer, You need the original discs to load them from

  Florio 20:54 05 Jul 2008

No, the files have in fact been successfully saved!! And they have been copied onto a CD. But the old computer refuses to recognise that the CD contains any files.

  Quiet Life 21:07 05 Jul 2008

Has the the computer with Windows 98 got a flash player ? one available here click here
I believe Vista had some problems with swf files but if XP should not be a problem

  Florio 21:23 05 Jul 2008

The swf files were first saved on my laptop, which has Vista Home Premium.
Just to be sure that there would be a flash player on the old computer, I actually downloaded one and put it onto the CD along with the swf files. But of course this is no help, as the old computer is ignoring the presence of all files on the CD

  Florio 21:41 05 Jul 2008

The old computer was actually very good, and never gave me any problems when reading CDs. The CD I on which saved the swf files (and flash player) is a CD-RW, but the old computer has a combined CD-DVD drive.

  Quiet Life 22:18 05 Jul 2008

Presumably the old computer has read CD-Rws before as older CD/DVD roms ones cannot read this format.
"But the old computer refuses to recognise that the CD contains any files." If it is not recognising the Flash Player it is more than swf files. Try an ordinary CD or flash drive.

  Florio 17:51 06 Jul 2008

The problem has been partially resolved, in the sense that the old computer was in fact not reading CD-RW discs but will read CD-R files.
I have now installed the games (swf files) and a flash player, but new problems have arisen.
Firstly, I don't know where the flash player has been installed. I placed the original application in the 'Programs' file, but after I double clicked on the icon, the program evidently installed itself somewhere else. And yet this is not too important.
Secondly, three of the flash games I installed don't seem to open. The other two open immediately using Internet Explorer as the application (even if the computer is not connected to internet). The other three games simply do not open. I feel this may be due to the version of Internet Explorer (V.5) on the old computer, and so have saved V.6 (SP1) onto a CD and tried to install it on the old computer. But it seems that this cannot be done without internet access.
The alternative to using IE 6 would be to locate the flash player on the old PC and use that as the application with which to open the games. Does anyone have any ideas/advice?

  Quiet Life 19:19 06 Jul 2008

Download another player like as indicated in previous posting or Irfan which will play swf files on your computer and transfer by CD.
A stand alone player will be better than trying to update IE

  Florio 21:11 06 Jul 2008

Thanks Quiet Life!! I installed Irfan, but the three games that wouldn't open before still won't open even with that program. Therefore there's something else that is not right -- although all five games open without problems on my laptop (Vista Home Premium,IE7), even when I'm not connected to internet.

  Quiet Life 23:23 06 Jul 2008

Flash player is incorporated in IE7 and will open swf files on your computer. It is not necessary to be connected to the internet.
If you have Irfan on your computer and try to open the three games that will not open on the other computer I think you will find Irfan will come up with unknown file header and not open them.
I spent a lot of time trying to establish why on one particular flash movie file which I had in temporary internet folder and found it was opened by I think an htm file which I had to enclose with it in order for it to be opened.
Sorry I cannot give a solution but there are some swf files that only seem to open in IE .

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