Problem installing PowerDVD XP

  boon_intheuk 12:14 11 Oct 2003

Hi, I need some help rather deperately.
I have a new base unit and as part of installing all my software I installed a game called "bugs life", when I restarted my pc to finish the installation and before windows started it said it was "updating system settings" and then this appeared "windows could not upgrade the file %1 from %2", then the next line said "%1: %2".
These two lines were repeated 6 or 7 times (as though it kept trying to upgrade the file until it succeeded) before the pc continued to start windows and the game played fine.
Then last night I put my dvd drive into the pc, the pc recognised it, so I proceeded to install "PowerDVD XP" to play my DVD's.
All seemed well until the installation program told me to restart the pc.
This time I got the same messages that I got when installing the game the previous day about not being able to "upgrade %1 from %2" but this just kept repeating 40 or 50 times before I tried restarting the pc, without success.
I have tried starting the pc in "safe mode" with the intention of uninstalling the powerdvd program, but it will only go as far as the first WinME screen and it wont go any further although it does not "hang".
I have also tried scanning the disk and registry and restoring the registry, but apart from finding that the free space was being misreported on the hdd and electing to allow it to be fixed,
nothing has changed, and I am stuck!
Please help me!!


M810LMR mobo
256 MB PC133 SDRAM

  bremner 12:31 11 Oct 2003

click here

someone else is having a similar problem and mentions a possible fix from MSKB

  boon_intheuk 16:48 11 Oct 2003


  boon_intheuk 19:03 11 Oct 2003

I got this from the microsoft knowledge base, as ir says your pc may or maynot carry on and start, well mine does not not and this article does not say what to do if it doesn't!So its not much help.
Can anyone help?

After you install a new program or update an existing program and then restart your computer, your computer may stop responding (hang), and you may receive the following error message:

Windows could not upgrade the file %1 from %2 %1: %2

Your computer may or may not continue to start after this error message.

This issue can occur if the Wininit.ini file is not processed correctly.

To resolve this issue, rename the Wininit.ini file:
Click Start, point to Search, and then click Files or Folders.
In the Named box, type wininit.ini.
In the Look in box, click Local Hard Drives.
Click Search Now.
Right-click the Wininit.ini file in the list of found items, and then click Rename.
Type Wininit.old, and then press ENTER.
Close the Search Results window.
Restart your computer.
Reinstall your program or update.

Could it be to do with the anti-virus software I have? It is PC-cillin.
Thanks, Boon.

  boon_intheuk 19:08 11 Oct 2003

Also can I change this wininit file name from DOS?
My experience of DOS is limited, just formating, scandisk and setup.
Thanks, Boon.

  boon_intheuk 19:46 11 Oct 2003


  boon_intheuk 22:27 11 Oct 2003


  The Spires 22:34 11 Oct 2003

If u have a boot disk (ME Start Floppy) you will gain access to C:Have a look on here for info on renaming etc. click here

  boon_intheuk 23:50 11 Oct 2003

I waited abit longer the last time I tried to start the pc and eventually it gave up and said it could not update and for me to press any button and it started up.
I have searched for this wininit.ini file but cannot find it even amongst the hidden files.
Any one else with any help??
Thanks, Boon.

  boon_intheuk 23:38 15 Jul 2004


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