Problem installing Pen drive

  harris99 17:53 28 Sep 2004

I am using Windows ME. I have a 64MB Integral Pen Drive. The instructions say when inserted in a USB port then My Computer will show "Removable Pen Drive" I get nothing! There is a USB Flash Driver Installation Disc but the instructions say this is for Windows 98. In any case The instructions say this should BEFORE inserting the Pen and I have already done so. Any ideas?

  Stuartli 18:01 28 Sep 2004

From the introduction of ME, if I remember correctly, pen drives, card readers and similar don't require drivers.

Using XP Pro, when I connect my digital camera via a USB hub, I get an R drive listed in My Computer (presumably Removeable) and with a 7-in-1 card reader there are four "drive" letters, F through to I (following on from my rewriter's E).

Your thread posting isn't very clear as to whether you have or haven't installed a driver (which would only be for, say, Windows 98 or 98SE).

  harris99 18:11 28 Sep 2004

No,I haven't installed a driver because the instructions say it is not necessary with Windows ME. But when I insert the Pen in a USB Port nothing happens. Am I missing something?

  VoG II 18:14 28 Sep 2004

Does it show up in My Computer?

  harris99 18:30 28 Sep 2004

No. Nothing apart usual Floppy drive. Local Disc (C) etc

  Rayuk 18:56 28 Sep 2004

Have you had anything working on the usb port before.
I ask as if you havnt maybe its not enabled in the bios.

  alB 18:59 28 Sep 2004

If you are connecting the pen drive through a USB hub, try going directly into a USB port, also try a reboot with the pen drive connected...alB

  fsbb 19:04 28 Sep 2004

Win ME should auto detect and assign windows drivers to the pen drive as soon as it is plugged into USB + allocate a drive letter in My Computer.

Pen drive should have an indicator light which lights when plugged into USB - shows that the USB is powering the drive. If it doesn't light then the USB socket or the pen drive is faulty. Have you tested the USB port with a device you know is ok?

  harris99 14:17 30 Sep 2004

Thanks guys. Have no joy. Integral's Technical Help have sent me some files to download and instal manually in various folders,some of which I think are too dangerous for a beginner like me to meddle with. Am giving up and requesting a different Pen drive that WILL work in Me

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